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About The Washington Gazette

The Washington Gazette is an independent news outlet that reports on the biggest stories of our time.

Founded in 2013 by John Paluska, The Washington Gazette has previously broken numerous stories about civil rights abuses, election interference, police brutality, national scandals, and other issues of national grandeur.

What separates The Washington Gazette from other publications is the requirement of always linking to the original source for all our articles while incorporating anti-bias software to help keep news articles free of loaded language and linguistic gaslighting.

Before any article is published, it undergoes a rigorous correction process using cutting-edge AI software to remove loaded language and biased phrasing, so the result is an impartial reporting of the facts.

To demonstrate the capability of the bias-removal software we employ, here is a conservative-biased paragraph fed through the bias removal software:

While Hunter Biden may claim he is not guilty of breaking Federal Law, the facts and evidence say otherwise. A laptop obtained by the FBI which holds incriminating emails and files allegedly indicts Hunter Biden as a child pornography addict and briber-extraordinaire. The evidence was so overwhelming that even the biased Biden-Administration FBI was forced to look into it.

This is the bias-corrected version:

Hunter Biden has been accused of breaking Federal Law, but the matter is still under investigation and no official verdict has been reached yet. The FBI obtained a laptop containing emails and files that are said to be incriminating. The laptop allegedly contains information that suggests Hunter Biden engaged in child pornography and bribery. The evidence was compelling enough to prompt an investigation by the FBI under the Biden administration.

Here is an example of liberal bias:

Disgraced former president Trump was found guilty of sexually assaulting E. Jean Carol in a recent lawsuit. The guilty charge is the most recent in a string of incriminating lawsuits where the former president has been engulfed in non-stop controversy. The other major case involving a hush money payment to Stormy Daniels has caused the former President much grief.

This is the bias-corrected version:

Former President Trump was found guilty of sexually assaulting E. Jean Carol in a lawsuit. The former president has faced several lawsuits and controversies, with the most recent resulting in a guilty charge. A significant case involving a payment of hush money to Stormy Daniels has caused some difficulties for the former President.

Regardless of political spin, before any article is published on this website, it is subjected to the same bias removal process to ensure an unbiased article without sacrificing the facts.

Coupled with easy access to the original sources for all news articles, The Washington Gazette allows readers to go past the news and go to the original source to form their own opinion, not the opinion of Washington elites, George Soros, or the Koch Family.