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House Introduces Resolution To Appoint Managers For Impeaching Alejandro Mayorkas

WASHINGTON, D.C. - On February 5, 2024, Representative Mark E. Green, a Republican from Tennessee's 7th congressional district, introduced H.Res. 995, a resolution that pertains to the appointment and authorization of managers for the impeachment trial of Alejandro Nicholas Mayorkas, the Secretary of Homeland Security. This resolution is part of the legislative process within the United States Congress and is currently at its initial stage.

The move towards impeachment comes amidst a contentious investigation by House Republicans into Mayorkas’s handling of immigration policies and his potential role in systematic refusals to comply with federal immigration laws. This investigation has been marked by allegations of high crimes and misdemeanors, with the House having the exclusive power to impeach and try federal officials.

In response to the impeachment charges, Mayorkas has maintained his innocence and vowed to vigorously defend himself against the accusations. His defense strategy is expected to focus on countering the claims made by the House Republicans and presenting his case to the Senate, where the final decision on his fate will be determined.

Crisis At The Border

FBI Director Christopher Wray has raised serious national security concerns regarding the southern border of the United States. In testimony before the House Homeland Security Committee, Wray highlighted the potential risks associated with the region, indicating that it poses a significant threat to the country's security. His comments come amidst escalating debates over immigration policies and the need for stricter border controls.

Concurrently, there are growing concerns about the use of TikTok as a platform for individuals seeking to evade border security and enter the U.S. illegally. It has been reported that certain videos posted on the platform provide guidance on how to bypass immigration checkpoints and avoid detection by authorities. These revelations coincide with the FBI's broader concerns over the national security implications of TikTok, which is owned by the Chinese company ByteDance.

Wray has previously expressed that the Chinese government could potentially exploit TikTok to influence American users or control their devices. This includes the possibility of manipulating data collection on millions of users or leveraging the recommendation algorithm for influence operations, as well as controlling software on personal devices to compromise their security.

The southern border of the United States has become a flashpoint, with reports indicating an alarming increase in illegal crossings and the subsequent challenges faced by Border Patrol agents. The crisis has escalated over recent years, with significant implications for national security and the safety of communities across the nation.

In testimony before Congress, chief patrol agents from various sectors detailed the operational impacts of the border chaos. They highlighted the strain on resources and manpower, with agents drawn away from field operations to handle the influx of individuals crossing illegally 1. The number of encounters has skyrocketed, with figures reaching up to 50,000 in a single month, severely testing the capabilities of the Border Patrol.

One of the most concerning aspects is the increase in "gotaways," which refers to individuals evading apprehension by Border Patrol agents. This trend is attributed to increased traffic on the border, leading to more individuals successfully eluding capture. The number of known gotaways has risen dramatically, with the potential for individuals with criminal backgrounds or connections to terrorism entering the country undetected.

Additionally, checkpoints critical for intercepting illegal activities, including drug trafficking and human smuggling, have been closed due to the overwhelming number of individuals crossing the border. This has resulted in a vacuum of surveillance and control, allowing dangerous individuals and contraband to pass through unchecked.

Cartels and transnational criminal organizations are reportedly exploiting the chaos by using tactics like "task saturation," where large groups of migrants are divided into smaller units to overwhelm Border Patrol agents and facilitate their passage into the country. These groups often include previously deported felons and individuals with criminal records, adding a layer of complexity to border security efforts.

The situation has reached a critical point, with the number of individuals apprehended illegally crossing the Southwest border and found to be on the terrorist watchlist having increased by 2,500 percent from fiscal years 2017-2020 to 2023. The consequences of these figures are profound, with the potential for violence and crime against the American citizenry being raised to new heights.

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