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BREAKING: Al-Shabaab Terrorist Allegedly Crossed The U.S. Border And Evaded The State Department For One Year

FACT-CHECKED 1/29/2024 (click here to learn about our fact-checking process)

In a shocking turn of events, an Al-Shabaab terrorist member managed to cross the U.S. border undetected and roam free for nearly a year, according to an alleged memo obtained by The Daily Caller. The U.S. government has considered Al-Shabaab a foreign terrorist organization since 2008, and the group has been responsible for various attacks across the globe, including Somalia, Kenya, and Uganda.

The terrorist was caught illegally crossing the border and was initially allowed to roam free. However, on January 18, 2024, the Terrorist Screening Center made a redetermination that the individual was 'a confirmed member of al-Shabaab' and was involved in the use, manufacture, or transport of explosives or firearms. Two days later, ICE nabbed the al-Shabaab member in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The Rise of "Gotaways" at the Southern Border

The issue of "gotaways" at the southern border has recently surged to alarming levels, posing significant challenges for both the United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and immigrants attempting to cross illegally.

According to a summary of data obtained by Fox News, over 73,000 gotaways were recorded in November of 2022 alone, marking the highest ever recorded at the time. These figures have led to increasing concerns among policymakers and experts who warn that the situation is only expected to worsen unless effective measures are taken.

A "gotaway" refers to an individual who successfully evades detection and capture upon crossing the U.S. border. This phenomenon has been attributed largely to a new policy by the Biden Administration removing agents from policing the border to instead process illegal immigrants.

Investigation into Mayorkas Over the Southern Border And Articles Of Impeachment

The House Committee On Homeland Security has released articles of impeachment against Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, marking a significant escalation in the political climate surrounding the ongoing border crisis.

The move comes amidst growing concerns about the handling of the southern border, with the Homeland Security Committee arguing that Mayorkas' actions have contributed to the surge in illegal immigration and the increase in "gotaways". The impeachment process, which involves formal charges against a public official for alleged misconduct or abuse of power, is a serious matter and could potentially lead to the removal of Mayorkas from his position.

Mayorkas, who has been serving as Homeland Security Secretary since February 2, 2021, is accused of failing to effectively manage the border crisis. Critics argue that his policies have resulted in the facilitation of illegal immigration, putting national security at risk.

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