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Armed Security Guard Stops Mass Shooting In Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS, NV. - Last week, an individual carrying an AR-15 was promptly intercepted by a security guard in Las Vegas. According to reporting on statements by the Las Vegas Metro Police Department, an individual aged 32 entered Turnberry Towers carrying an AR-15 and directed it towards multiple individuals. After discharging a single round at a security guard, the rifle used by the individual experienced a malfunction.

According to security footage, it can be observed that the rifle used by the gunman experienced a malfunction. Subsequently, the security guard discharged multiple shots until the gunman eventually fell to the ground. Upon the arrival of officers, a security officer was observed holding the individual with a firearm at the main entrance of the building.


According to the security guard, the apartment complex had requested that he refrain from carrying a firearm while on duty. However, he personally decided to carry one regardless of their request.

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Instances similar to these are reportedly increasingly prevalent, where individuals who are mentally unstable experience episodes of anger, psychological distress, and emotional instability that result in acts of violence and widespread harm. However, Turning Point USA believes particular stories about a gun owner diffusing the situation often receive limited media attention. 

The claim that, for a significant period of time, there have been concerns about the approach taken by elites and government officials, as some argue that it may involve excusing criminal behavior and attempting to restrict access to firearms for law-abiding citizens. Turning Point USA says that one can derive from the story of the potential Vegas shooting the significance of being mindful of one's surroundings, maintaining a heightened awareness of potential threats, and possessing adequate firearm training to effectively protect oneself and others.

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