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Latest Morning Consult Poll Shows Trump Ahead Of Biden By 3%

WASHINGTON, D.C. - According to a Morning Consult poll released on June 27 and conducted from June 23-25, if the election were to take place presently, former president Trump would surpass President Biden by 3%. Morning Consult states that this difference falls beyond the survey's margin for error.

According to the poll, Trump is perceived to have a higher chance of defeating Biden in the general election than other Republican candidates. DeSantis, a candidate who has garnered support from billionaire donors, trails behind Biden by a narrow margin of 2% if the election were to take place presently.

According to Real Clear Politics, there is some skepticism regarding the wide gap of victory shown in this poll for the former president. Based on the average of general election polls, Trump currently holds a slight lead over Biden by 0.6%. It is worth noting that this margin falls within the typical range of error for most surveys. 


In a hypothetical DeSantis-Biden matchup, Biden currently holds a narrow lead of 1% over DeSantis. However, it is worth noting that the most recent polls were conducted over a week ago, prior to the emergence of leaked audio allegedly featuring former president Trump discussing the release of allegedly classified documents.

According to the Morning Consult poll, former president Trump has a favorability rating of 76%, while DeSantis has a favorability rating of 67%. Additionally, according to the poll's trend analysis, it is observed that Trump's favorability rating has remained relatively stable, whereas DeSantis has experienced a decline in support over time. 

Currently, Trump has a slightly higher unfavorability rating among GOP voters compared to DeSantis. Specifically, 23% of voters view Trump unfavorably, while DeSantis has an unfavorability rating of 21%. However, Chris Christie has the highest unfavorable rating in the poll at 46%, followed by Mike Pence at 39%.

When asked about news coverage concerning the GOP presidential candidates, voters reported hearing positive news about Ron DeSantis and negative coverage about former president Trump. According to the survey, 40% of respondents reported hearing positive coverage of DeSantis, while 46% indicated hearing negative coverage about Trump.

The poll also found that, in the event that former president Trump does not secure the nomination, 42% of his supporters would potentially back Ron DeSantis. This figure represents a 3% decrease compared to the 45% of DeSantis supporters who would support former president Trump in the event that DeSantis does not secure the nomination. This suggests that overall, most DeSantis and Trump supporters do not hold strong negative sentiments towards either candidate.

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