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LGBT Protesters Allegedly Strip Naked And Play With Children To Celebrate Same-Sex Attraction Rights

NEW YORK CITY, N.Y. - This past weekend, New York City hosted its annual Pride events. The "Dyke March" that took place on Saturday included a topless dance party in Washington Square Park, where there were also children in attendance. Signs with messages like "Pride is for kids too" were displayed during Sunday's Pride March, where adults participated alongside children who were identified as "queer and trans youth."

The event known as the "Dyke March" occurred on Saturday and was described as a "protest" on the organizers' website. The purpose of the march was reportedly to celebrate the diverse lives of individuals who identify as dykes, raise awareness about the presence of dykes in the community, and protest against discrimination, harassment, and violence. 

The protest concluded in Washington Square Park, where some individuals engaged in behavior that some may consider inappropriate, such as removing their clothing and entering the Washington Square Fountain


A group of women reportedly started dancing without clothing in a fountain, while some children nearby also reportedly expressed interest in playing in the water. 

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People were allegedly engaging in displays of affection, allegedly behaving in a manner that implied sexual activity, dancing, and enjoying themselves in the water while children observed. According to the women who brought them, minors were observed holding onto floating devices that were intended to resemble women's genitalia.

Protesters also displayed signs expressing their opposition to the overturning of Roe v. Wade, despite the legality of abortion in New York. They reportedly chanted various phrases, including self-identifying as proud individuals using colorful terminology such as "sluts" and "dykes." 

While some members of the LGBTQ community and feminists argued against the presence of children at this festival, while comparing it to women going to the beach, many people in America were surprised by what was allegedly exposed to children in New York over the weekend.

Sunday marked New York's primary pride event, where both children and adults participated in the parade. Some adults expressed their support for "trans kids" while marching.

The Ackerman Institute, a mental health clinic located in New York, participated in a march alongside several children who were holding a sign that read "Pride is for kids too." The children waved flags representing their identity, while the adults in the crowd wore shirts that matched the signs they held. Next, there was a group called the "Girl Scouts of Greater New York" who participated in the event. 

The American College of Pediatricians has expressed concerns about efforts to promote transgenderism and homosexuality among children, stating that they believe these approaches lack scientific evidence and may potentially pose risks to the child's well-being. They believe that the experiences of children who have homosexual and transgender urges may often be temporary and not necessarily indicative of a long-term or serious nature. They tell parents that these feelings typically subside as the child reaches puberty.

The Ackerman Institute was led by several young girls who were holding pride flags. Following that, the "Rainbow Hill Club" made an appearance, representing the Clinton Hill Elementary School located in Brooklyn. A group consisting of individuals, including children, holding transgender pride flags, were also observed while being accompanied by adults who were chanting a specific phrase.

During the pride parade, a group of individuals reportedly dressed in leather outfits, speedos, and masks associated with "pup play" were also present. Furries, individuals who identify as transgender, men who chose to display their breasts, as well as women who proudly exhibited their double mastectomy scars, were also reportedly frequently observed among the crowd. 

The number of children attending these events has been reportedly increasing every year. During last year's pride march in Washington D.C., children participated in the march. However, this year, there reportedly was a notable presence of multiple groups that are specifically focused on engaging with children. 

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