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Students Suspended For Allegedly Misgendering A Transgender Classmate

GLENDALE, CA. - Two students in California have received a five-day suspension for using incorrect gender pronouns when referring to a transgender classmate.

The incident took place at Herbert Hoover High School, which is part of the Glendale Unified School District (GUSD). A report from Turning Point USA (TPUSA) highlights an email sent by the former principal of the High School, Jennifer Earl, which describes the actions of the students that resulted in their suspension.

According to Earl's email, two students were suspended for a period of five days each today. The email also alleges there are plans to facilitate a restorative justice process involving the students and the teacher to address an incident related to misgendering. 


According to the email, during an interview following the alleged event they acknowledged having curiosity about a transgender individual. Earl says inquired about the teacher's preferred approach in addressing the incident, specifically whether they should solely educate the students on the topic of misgendering or also discuss transgender experiences. The teacher then allegedly requested information on transgender education. She said the response from students and parents was positive, and that "restorative justice" may be considered as a potential course of action following a suspension.

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According to the school district's guide, "restorative justice" is described as a process that aims to teach students how to address and rectify the harm caused by their offenses.

According to the guide, restorative justice is presented as an alternative approach to traditional methods of exclusionary discipline that typically emphasize punishment. The guide says restorative justice is a process that involves the primary stakeholders in deciding the most effective way to address the harm caused by an offense.

According to a spokesperson for the school district in an interview with Fox News, misgendering is considered a punishable offense if it is determined that the student intended to engage in harassment or bullying. However, the spokesperson said if a student makes a mistake, they may not face punishment.

Turning Point USA says educators prioritize teaching children accurate information and providing corrections when they make factual errors. However, they claim this may not always be the situation in regards to what is commonly referred to as "misgendering." They believe that referring to peers using biological pronouns is considered factually accurate and should not result in any disciplinary action at an educational institution focused on scientific knowledge and truth.

There have been medical organizationsjournal articles, and biologists who have discredited the beliefs of those who support transgender ideology.

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