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Parents File Police Report Alleging Illinois Teacher Showed Students Inappropriate Books

HEYWORTH, IL. - An alleged controversy has arisen in an Illinois school district following a teacher's introduction of an LGBTQ book deemed inappropriate by some to her middle school class.

A middle school teacher named Sarah Bonner has reportedly been offering her students a collection of books that she refers to as "book tasting." She has been teaching for 20 years. However, the parents of Bonner's students were informed that the collection contained the popular book titled "This Book is Gay." The book serves as a guide for students who may be identifying as gay or lesbian.

Parents have reportedly filed a police report after Bonner introduced a book to students without obtaining parental consent. According to the statement, Bonner introduced the book with the intention of creating a safer and more inclusive environment. However, some members of the parent community felt that their opinions and values were not respected.


It was discovered that Bonner had presented this material during a "book tasting" session in her class, after a student took a photo of the book being promoted. After the parents of the student viewed the photos, they promptly responded.

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Bonner reportedly provided an explanation to Today regarding the events that ensued.

She said it was reported that pictures from a book had been obtained by parents, which their child had taken in class. She claimed a couple days later a police report had been filed against her for alleged child endangerment by parents. She expressed feeling unsafe due to the idea that books were potentially endangering children, and that she felt she was unable to return.

Bonner was reportedly placed on administrative leave following the filing of the police report. Following that, Bonner reportedly presented her resignation letter to the school.

The event has reportedly initiated a wider conversation about the limits of education and which subjects should be considered inappropriate for teachers to discuss with their students. Bonner joins a larger group of teachers who have faced similar accusations.

Turning Point USA says they think it is a reasonable step the parents took to protect their children by filing a police report. They claim it is common for curriculum to be taught in classrooms without parental consent.

They further believe that educators may prioritize promoting their personal lifestyles to students over teaching the expected educational material, and that parents may find it beneficial to stay informed on the curriculum being taught in their child's classroom, as they say teachers play an important role in a child's development.

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