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LGBT Paraders Allegedly Shout "We're Coming For Your Children" At Pride Event

NEW YORK CITY, N.Y. - During the weekend, individuals participating in a pride parade in New York City were recorded allegedly chanting a message that some found unsettling: "We are here, we are queer, and we are coming for your children."

The video gained significant attention on Twitter and quickly became widely shared, featuring LGBT activists discussing their alleged objectives related to children. Some social media users expressed their dissatisfaction with the statement, while liberal media outlets quickly started to minimize and downplay the activists' words.

One media outlet that reportedly made efforts to moderate the activists' message was NBC News. According to a recent article, NBC News stated that the chant shouted by Pride marchers was claimed to be "taken out of context." Brian Griffin, the individual responsible for initiating the NYC Drag March, addressed the criticism regarding the chants by stating, "These are merely verbal expressions."


According to NBC News, the chant "coming for your children" has been used at Pride events for years. Longtime march attendees and gay rights activists have noted that this chant, along with other provocative expressions, is used to counteract slurs against LGBTQ people. According to them, right-wing activists are using a specific video to exploit a remark taken out of context in order to perpetuate negative stereotypes against the queer community.

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NBC also attempted to present conservative outrage as an overreaction, but it is important to acknowledge that conservatives have the right to express their concerns in this situation. But Turning Point USA says that there is an agenda being pursued by certain activists to introduce children to what they perceive as radical gender ideology.

There have been medical organizationsjournal articles, and biologists who have discredited the beliefs of those who support radical gender ideology.

According to the NBC News article, some conservative politicians and pundits have used the term "groomers" to describe advocates for LGBTQ rights. They have made connections between those who oppose laws restricting drag performances or discussions on gender identity in classrooms and pedophiles. But Turning Point USA believes expressing an intention to share personal beliefs about sexuality with someone else's child can be seen as a form of influencing or shaping their perspective, which some may consider as grooming.

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