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Biden Allegedly Considering Relief For Iran Despite Alleged Terror Activities

The Biden Administration has been criticized by Mike Pompeo in an op-ed for the American Center for Law and Justice, for not adapting from previous errors.  The current administration is taking action in response to Iran's missile sales to Russia and the unveiling of hypersonic missiles that are perceived as a threat to American and Israeli safety. 

Some individuals believe that the Biden Administration's approach is flawed and misguided, and resembles a strategy of weakness and appeasement used in the past. The Biden administration's approach towards Iran allegedly involves offering sanctions relief in the hopes of preventing the country from producing and using nuclear weapons, instead of applying maximum pressure and building alliances to keep the regime in check.

An agreement could have an impact on global stability and the security interests of the United States. Iran has reportedly expressed intentions to expand its exports of weapons. There are reports that Iran has sent advanced attack drones to Russia for use in the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. Iran has reportedly provided drones to Hezbollah and also facilitated the production of drones by the group. 


Last year, a drone factory was opened in Tajikistan. According to Pompeo, The increase in funds may not discourage the Ayatollah's government from pursuing profitable ventures, but potentially encourage them. He says that providing Iran with sanctions relief may lead to increased attacks on American interests, military, and security.

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The lifting of sanctions could also potentially provide the government in Tehran with additional resources to suppress ongoing protests that began in November of last year.  According to reports, a significant number of individuals have lost their lives during the protests in Iran, and a large number of people have been detained by the government in an effort to quell the unrest. Pompeo believes that this action may appease the regime and harm the Iranian people while benefiting their oppressors. 

The Biden administration, like the previous one under Obama, allegedly believes that appeasing Iran is the best approach to prevent potential attacks on the US and its allies. But Pompeo believes Iran holds a stance that is contrary to the interests of the United States. 

Iran is considered an adversary and could potentially use any advantage given to them to attack people and carry out their threats to destroy Israel. Their government's goals involve collaborating with other governments, such as the Chinese Communist Party and Russian officials close to Putin, who are reportedly committed to destabilizing peace and limiting freedom. 

A top general recently stated that the global power dynamics are changing due to the emergence of several new powers, especially in Asia and various fields. Strengthening the Iranian regime may have implications for regional security and potentially increase the influence of Moscow and Beijing. Pompeo believes this may have a significant impact on the American population.

During the Trump Administration, the Iranian threat was addressed with a strategy of maximum pressure. Oil exports were reduced and military action was taken, including the strike that resulted in the death of Qasem Soleimani. Pompeo says the outcome was a regime in Iran that is currently experiencing a decrease in strength and may not have the ability to support violent activities to the extent that is currently being observed.  

By demonstrating a commitment to deterring Iran, Pompeo says the United States was able to rally partners and allies to support efforts to isolate the regime. The signing of the Abraham Accords resulted in the normalization of relations between Israel and some of her Arab neighbors. 

This statement suggests that America's ability to establish deterrence and show leadership in opposing malign regimes is important for maintaining peace and prosperity not only in the Middle East but also in the rest of the world. The maximum pressure model was supposedly effective in preventing the Iranian regime from taking any aggressive actions. 

Pompeo also believes it also prevented Vladimir Putin from invading Ukraine during the time we were monitoring the situation. The Taliban reportedly did not harm any American soldiers after the Trump Administration negotiated a withdrawal agreement. Additionally, North Korea refrained from conducting any risky long-range missile tests. The Biden administration has reportedly implemented a strategy of appeasement and engagement rather than hard deterrence, which Pompeo believes has resulted in our enemies not perceiving American power as a serious threat.

Pompeo finishes by saying the prosperity of the Iranian regime may result in regional and global instability, and could also lead to negative consequences for Iranians who desire to live without the regime's reported oppressive actions.

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