Packages Offered:

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Lead Generation ($3,000/month):

  • You get an ad slot on our website that appears with every article. Our ad slots get around ad blockers through our proprietary method, ensuring maximum exposure. 

  • You get a dedicated, in-house page for your product that is hosted by us. 

  • We optimize this page to virtually weed out uninterested leads. We specifically design the page such that only leads who explicitly express interest in buying, donating, getting involved, etc. are the ONLY leads passed along to you.

  • We also promote the in-house page on various social media outlets and in our other articles where applicable.

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Press Release And Article Publishing ($200/month):

  • Press releases, articles, and more are published on our website. 

  • We publish these articles on our various social media channels with more than 20,000+ combined followers.

  • As many articles or press releases as you want.

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Subdomain renting ($1,000/month):

  • You get your own subdomain hosted on our website where you can post your own content.

  • We handle the hosting, servers, and exposure.

  • Can be used for marketing, product sales, blogging, news coverage, live television, and more.

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Marketing And Sales Management ($5,000/month):

  • All of the above services from our other three packages.

  • We grow or create your social media accounts, personal websites, blogs, etc.

  • Create and set up newsletters, notifications, and other incentives to boost return traffic and sales.

  • Generate sales qualified leads that convert.

  • Implement other growth or sales strategies that increase brand awareness and/or sales

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