The next Green front? Your front lawn

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First, they came for your gas-powered car. Then they came the gas-powered stove. Up next on the chopping block of the environmental left is the gas-powered lawn mower and the start of “No Mow May.”

If you haven’t heard of this phenomenon it means forgoing mowing your lawn for a month, so it takes on a more natural presence all in the name of helping bees. Don’t get me wrong, I love those little honey generators as much as the next guy but in this case, they are being used as a proxy in the green fight. Here’s the real buzz.

For years, the extreme environmental movement has bashed the suburban badge of honor that is a green lawn. In 2016, the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) was pushing hard for the “no mow” movement saying, “Moving away from water-guzzling and chemical-hungry lawns and cultivating yards that are diverse and self-regulating is a matter of mounting urgency.” In this case, the definition of “urgency” may be a little loose because if you take a Google-look at the NRDC’s Bozeman, Montana office you’ll find…a pristine looking lawn.

In their defense, raging hypocrisy might just be an excellent fertilizer.

It would all be truly laughable if the actions of the eco-left were limited to only their dismissive antics. Sadly, the millions spent by the NRDC and their cronies spend on politics and lobbying are big enough it would likely pay the water bill for your whole neighborhood, forever. At the same time they want you to stop watering your lawn, they will not be turning off their own spigot of cash. You can’t really blame them as their never-ending flow of money is getting desired results.

Over 100 cities across the country have passed rules against gas powered lawn equipment. Take a moment to note the abrupt transition from “skip a month to save the bees” to “better buy the Tesla of mowers, or else.” The Union of California Socialist Republic even imposed an outright ban on gas powered yard tools within their borders starting in January. For the record, in California it is legal to plant, grow and consume marijuana without an issue. However, try selling a mower that uses unleaded and jail time looms. Am I the only one who sees some future speakeasy in San Francisco where you can get an illegal weed eater?

The sad truth of the green movement is that it will never be satisfied. Compromise to meet their demands, and they will claim victory and start working on their next target. Only by standing up to their lunacy will they back down. Their fight is one for more power, more influence, and more capitulation.

Green lawns may be the next front, but it won’t be the last. It’s past time we tell them “No Mo.”

This article originally appeared at Real Clear Energy

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