Here they come, blaming deep ocean warming on CO2 input

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In deceptive fashion, they are lining up their arguments, as I have been trying to show with the assistance of Dr. Arthur Viterito supplying me data, that deep ocean warming has substantial natural sources.  Is team warming twisting ocean temperature into a man-made event to double down on their narrative?

How is this different than what you have been witnessing in other aspects unrelated to climate and weather?

They will go to the ends of the earth to ignore the facts when they come out, and if they do, say it is because of what they are saying, It is the common link of zealots trying to gain control of the many by the few.

I have been desperately trying to get the attention of people on my side of the issue that if you do not seize this high ground, they will get away with it, and you are seeing them do it.,

The article above is called

Big Trouble in the Deep: World’s Oceans Are Now Heating Up Very, Very, Very Fast

No less than  three “Verys!”

Let me try to be as kind as possible.  I will ask the reader to at be open to this.  If less than .01 of the total energy budget of the climate system is actually the air, it’s mainly the energy supplied by the oceans ( we are talking ocean/air interaction, the sun of course is supplying the input but once the radiation is received the lions share of the energy is in the ocean), how is .0042 ( amount of co2 in the atmosphere) of  .01 supposed to push the entire system around?  Now let us take it a step further. If man’s input is only .03 of that, how is man’s responsibility of .00000125 of the atmosphere being co2 causing warming at the bottom of the ocean?  Let us take it a step further. Given about a billion Americans have lived since the start of the fossil fuel era, say 1930,  how is your individual carbon footprint of .00000000000000125 of the system helping to cause the warming at the bottom of the ocean?

Just how close to 0 do you have to be, to essentially be 0?

Their entire missive should be blown out of the water, or at least questioned sufficiently that insane policies that will damage human progress, and subjugate many to the few, can be halted in favor of rational thought.

I will again show what should be very easy to see,  so you will have to be in  COMPLETE AND TOTAL DENIAL of the entire picture to see this, it is not cherry-picking. It goes direct to the point

There is no change in SST from the 50s thru the 80s when co2 was in a march up and being introduced to the system in a way that should have jolted it.  In any given equilibrium the introduction of the intruding variable has the system react. If it’s co2,  we should see a reaction and then a leveling off. Since co2 feedback only penetrates the top mm or 2 of the ocean it means it’s next to impossible for it to be responsible for any ocean warming, yet alone the bottom of the ocean. The air warming above would be limited by the oceans below not warming, If the ocean does not warm, the air does not warm. If the earth’s surface temperature does not increase, outgoing Longwave radiation does not, which is what co2 uses in its contribution to the system, therefore the warming of the oceans is important to all this.  If the oceans do not warm, co2 is next to nothing in all this ( which it may very well be anyway, if one would quantify and then correlate the rise in temperature to water vapor increase from the oceanic warming, another aspect DENIED by CAGW proponents). And the cause can not be what is reacting.  It reacts TO THE CAUSE. It is dependent on the warming of the system supplying the source. So that is why the ocean is so crucial.



then the changes start the last 30 years


and is correlated nicely to what observed increase ( remember there is a willingness to ignore this and not even try to research it)


in the geothermal activity that shows up wonderfully in the warming


I wrote the previous 2 blogs on deception, distortion, and delusion and the Hunter Biden Laptop cover-up idea so you can see my point.  Blogs have been dealing with this geothermal link since last year.   Remember what that is.  It is not that I have to be right. I may not be.  But how do we know if you have an entrenched scientific community that dismisses what looks to be obvious, or will not look?  My stance is not “Everyone follows me and I have the answers”. It is that I am showing you there are questions that have to be addressed.  And for them to not at least stop and question their own ideas, which is the exercise I am showing you in these blogs, the questioning of the idea by showing parts of the picture that they want to hide once it is obvious, then simply put out a deceptive double down,  should speak volumes as to their true motives.

For the rest of the scientists out there that believe this is mainly natural or something we progress and adapt to without destroying our freedoms, at the very least, this may be the last wake-up call as to how far gone this issue is and what the real motive behind it is. So while we all want to argue the “science” with our facts, sad to say the high-minded halls of debate on this issue are long gone.  It’s the destruction of man’s progress that is at stake here.   And that is a level above saying we are right, they are wrong, end of the story, while they continue to wage successfully with one volley after another, given the abyss we are staring at now, a war of deception, distortion, and delusion.  We are not “winning”. If we were why are we where we are now compared to where we were 20 years ago?  And the punching bag mentality that has been adopted across the board that we simply wait and counter the issue is not working. You have to get out in front in a predictive manner so that when these things come up, you simply have laid a trap for them to walk into. By ignoring such things, you simply cede the high ground to them in what is a war of open-minded attempts at finding the truth, vs deception, distortion, and delusion.

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