Rucker presents “Net Zero Reality” to Arkansas Electric Co-op

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“The push for Net Zero energy is a foolish one – one that is bound to fail in delivering on its promises,” said CFACT president Craig Rucker during a talk he gave to the Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas on Tuesday.

Rucker presents “Net Zero Reality” to Arkansas Electric Co-op 1

Rucker speaks to a packed room on issues important to the Arkansas electric grid.

“The reason is because it is based on false premises, doesn’t perform in the real world, and there are better alternatives that provide safe, affordable, and environmentally friendly electricity.”

Rucker delivered his remarks at the Hotel Washington during a breakfast reception where he spoke for approximately 35 minutes to a packed room.  Members of the Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas assembled in DC for the purpose of, among other things, meeting with representatives on Capitol Hill to express their concerns about delivering reliable electricity in an era where they are being forced to transition to renewable energy sources.

CFACT’s president supplied them with invaluable information that they took to their DC visits to make their case.

Jennifer Loiacano, who works with the Electric Cooperatives and facilitated Rucker’s talk, was pleased with the content of the CFACT president’s remarks and said, “Thank you again for coming to speak to our group this morning! We’ve already had our folks ask several questions to the Arkansas congressmen related to what you shared with us this morning.”

Buddy Haston, who heads the organization, also chimed in, saying, “Enjoyed your speech and appreciate the work you are doing to keep America’s power supply reliable, affordable, and responsible for all.”

CFACT stands opposed to the Biden Administration’s efforts to transform the economy from one which replaces a reliance on fossil fuels and nuclear energy to one which trusts in costly, intermittent and environmentally harmful solar and wind power.  It has joined forces with the Heartland Institute, Competitive Enterprise Institute, and others, to form the “Net Zero Reality Coalition” to make its case to the media, legislators and public.

More about CFACT’s Net Zero Reality Coailtion can be found here.

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