Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Registers Support in Poll a Week before Presidential Campaign Announcement Speech

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It can be an arduous task to defeat the incumbent president in an American presidential primary. Yet, that is the task Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has taken upon himself.

Kennedy is planning to announce his candidacy for the Democratic Party presidential nomination in an April 19 speech in Boston, Massachusetts.

An April 7-9
Morning Consult poll puts support for Kennedy among likely Democratic presidential primary and caucus voters at 10 percent. This is far behind the 70 percent support for President Joe Biden in the poll. But, it does indicate a base of support from which Kennedy can build to pose a significant challenge.

If Kennedy can reach the American people with an appealing message, he may prove successful. This is especially the case given that Biden appears to have a rather flimsy base of support. A
Monmouth University poll last month found that a 44 percent plurality of Democratic voters wanted Biden not to seek reelection while just 25 percent supported him seeking a second term. Thirty percent expressed no opinion on the matter.

* Originally published at the Ron Paul Institute


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