Morano slams climate “identity politics” in Fox and Friends TV interview

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CFACT’s Director of Communications and founder of Climate Depot, Marc Morano, appeared on Fox and Friends to expose the growing use of identity politics and woke activism in the climate change debate.

The interview can be seen here.

“Identity politics has truly invaded the climate world but also just in general, in the science world,” Morano said. “In the last few years, what the Biden administration has been witnessing is NASA scientists saying that climate change is caused by white supremacy. We have a Rhode Island professor saying that the data is racist, that science and technology are racist, and you can’t rely on it. So how is it the Biden administration can even evaluate whether their programs are working when the data is racist?”

Morano went on to say, “And they’re pushing things like crash test dummies are misogynistic because they’re all male dummies — this is all coming from the Biden administration. And now we will be spending billions of dollars to correct what they call ‘environmental justice.’ We’re no longer Americans who all deal with the environment. We’re now going to be subdivided into categories for money and handouts to different communities and to the bureaucracies that manage the money. It won’t even go to the people allegedly impacted by this environmental racism when they seek environmental justice. But this is just another playing card and massive federal spending by the government and to divide more and more Americans.”

The full segment can be watched here.

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