Morano on OAN TV talks Time Magazine’s push to make “Earth Day a Religious Holiday”

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CFACT’s Marc Morano appeared on One America News Network TV (OAN) to address Time Magazine’s call to make Earth Day a religious holiday.

Paul Greenberg and Carl Safina wrote, “For the two of us environmentalists—one of us nominally Jewish, the other a recovering Catholic—we find the ill-defined nature of the only day honoring the place that makes life itself possible more than a little sacrilegious. So, on this 53rd Earth Day we thought it useful to pose what a real Earth Day should represent and how it could form a central time for a new approach to worship….One day out of 365 to mark the entire planet is too far a cry from the reverence and recognition owed the beleaguered planetary basis for our entire existence, for all known life.”

Morano poked fun at the concept, saying, “The sacred texts will probably be the UN climate reports.”

Watch the full segment here.

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