London Times graphic: Morano, Milloy and Musk!

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The once sensible Times of London published a graphic featuring mega-entrepeneur Elon Musk, energy analyst Steve Milloy and CFACT’s own Marc Morano!

The subject?  Extended whining that once Musk freed Twitter, more and more people signed on to hear from Marc and Milloy on social media!

Boo hoo Times, all those people judging and choosing for themselves.  The horror!

What got this started?  Some left-wing group calling itself The Centre for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH).

CCDH said Morano and Milloy’s rapid social media growth resulted from Twitter’s new paid-for “Twitter Blue” subscription.

By “giving users blue verified badges for $8 a month,” CCDH told The Times, “Musk is giving climate ‘deniers’ a veneer of credibility they just couldn’t get before…  it helps them look legitimate, like a comparable source of authority to all the scientists and experts.”

It seems when all the “scientists and experts” agree that a natural weather event should be attributed to climate change, it is a sin to publish clear historical scientific data which contradicts climate computer models.

How about letting people judge for themselves?

Even better, London Times, how about doing your job, asking the tough questions and actually vetting the alarming claims of the climate-Left?

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