Hoffman participates in conservation panel with Arlington Young Republicans

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Hoffman participates in conservation panel with Arlington Young Republicans 1

CFACT’s Gabby Hoffman, left, speaks to the crowd as other panel members listen in.

Gabriella Hoffman, host of CFACT’s “District of Conservation” podcast and “Conservation Nation” YouTube series, was invited to speak as part of the Arlington Falls Church Young Republicans’ “Energy, Environment, and Conservation Panel” in Virginia.

The forum also featured Thomas Turner of Conservatives for Clean Energy and Karly Matthews of the American Conservation Coalition.

“I took the ‘Conservation is Conservative’ message to the Arlington/Falls Church Young Republicans April Meeting last night… I had a grand time speaking at Nighthawk Brewery,” CFACT’s Hoffman said. “My fellow panelists and I discussed Governor Glenn Youngkin’s Virginia Energy Plan, why nuclear energy has potential here in the Commonwealth since it’s our second biggest source of electricity, and our concerns about the Virginia Clean Economy Act passed under the Northam administration. We also civilly debated about clean energy, ESG [Environmental, Social, and Governance investments] and whether there’s still a place for fossil fuels in the future (absolutely not going away anytime soon).”

Hoffman participates in conservation panel with Arlington Young Republicans 2

A good-sized crowd listens to the energy and environment panel in Virginia.

Hoffman was the only participant on the panel with the position that renewable energy, by itself, cannot power the electric grid, no matter how many government subsidies or backup power is provided. Things like solar and wind can play a part, but should not be relied upon solely, especially given current technology, to power the American economy.

This is an important perspective to bring to a group like the Arlington Falls Church Young Republicans, since many members are rising leaders in the conservative movement. Such industry, policy, and thought leaders must be given the facts on energy, and CFACT is happy to find ways like this forum to provide them!

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