CFACT sponsors drinking well in Kharpudi Village, India

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As part of CFACT’s International Stewardship in Action program, the Committee helped fund a drinking water well project in Kharpudi Village in India. Partnering with local volunteer Pastor Ramesh Ghodke, CFACT helped organize the construction of the well, which is located in the district of Jalna City in the State of Maharastra.

“People are getting clean water and a lot of families are getting benefits from the new water well,” Ghodke said. CFACT sponsors drinking well in Kharpudi Village, India 1

“Through water wells it is a great big help for people and men and women and girls and children. They became very happy when they were getting water from the new water well today. I was seeing a big joy on their faces when they were getting water…everyone is happy.”

CFACT funds the construction of such wells to sponsor stewardship of both humanity and the environment. When people do not have to worry about where they are obtaining basic necessities, such as clean water, they can spend more time caring for their environment. Also, the ready availability of clean water will discourage disease and pollution, thus helping the ecosystems of the environment surrounding Kharpudi Village.

CFACT sponsors drinking well in Kharpudi Village, India 2

Other stewardship projects CFACT has sponsored have included funding the installation of lights in Tanzania that discourage lion attacks on livestock, supporting local entrepreneurs in Uganda to raise healthy pigs and chickens, and more.

CFACT will continue to identify ideal targets for stewardship around the world to show that personal responsibility, free market capitalism, and technological innovation are the keys to successful environmental stewardship.

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