CFACT hits NJ beach with “Save the Whales” message by land and air

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CFACT, with help from our friends in the Heartland Institute and the American Coalition for Ocean Protection, took our hard-hitting “Save the Whales” message to Atlantic City.

The New York Post featured our save the whales action.  Take a look at our air banner (above) and our billboard:

The New York Post reported, “Beachgoers in Atlantic City on Saturday looked on as a single-propeller plane carried a message waving from a banner — “SAVE-WHALES-STOP-WINDMILLS.ORG” — and drivers CFACT hits NJ beach with "Save the Whales" message by land and air 1

heading out of town saw a billboard with the same message and a picture of a dead whale washed ashore.”

The Post quoted me:

“’Damn the whales, full speed ahead’ seems to be the official policy of the Biden administration when it comes to the construction of offshore wind,” Rucker said in a statement. “The White House seems to remain unfazed and fixated on implementing its reckless ‘net zero’ energy agenda.”

CFACT readers know that the Biden Administration is turning a deliberate blind eye to the potential impacts on marine wildlife from the massive offshore wind farms they are planning.  Scientists estimate that only a few hundred right whales remain and they are particularly at risk.  To top it all off, those intermittent, inefficient wind turbines aren’t even capable of generating reliable electricity!

CFACT’s campaign to call our government bureaucrats to their duty to protect endangered whales has taken off like wildfire.  Thanks to you for sharing our research and spreading the word.

CFACT hits NJ beach with "Save the Whales" message by land and air 2

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