Bingo front row, 19k undersea volcanoes “discovered”

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I have been outlining my suspicions that geothermal activity may have more to do with ocean temperature than is convenient for the warming narrative.  More and more data is coming out indicating geothermal activity may be significant.  Yet the paper here glosses over that and concludes with .. take a guess.

Please read to get the entire picture of the paper:

Headline:19000 undersea volcanoes not known discovered.

But let’s do a critique of this.

A team of oceanographers at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, working with a colleague from Chungnam National University and another from the University of Hawaii, has mapped 19,000 previously unknown undersea volcanoes in the world’s oceans using radar satellite data. In their paper published in the journal Earth and Space Science, the group describes how they used radar satellite data to measure seawater mounding to find and map undersea volcanoes and explains why it is important that it be done.

MY COMMENT:  This is precisely my argument based on SSTs. that was essentially steady state from the 50s to the early 90s, but have come up in the age of increased activity.




Given seismic activity increase scored during this time


and  TSI and WV are almost in lock stop


vs co2


Seismic activity and the sun seem to have a better correlation

Given super ninos pump so much WV into the air and lead to step up functions


you would think they would then allow for this as a large natural cause for overwhelming man-made contribution   But that is not what they do.

Here is where  the article  goes for a conclusion ( please read it yourself)

……But most importantly, they have a very strong impact on deep-sea ocean flow. As currents run into seamounts, they are pushed upward, carrying colder water with them, and mix in unknown ways. Mapping such currents has become more important as the oceans absorb more heat and carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and freshwater melt, due to ongoing climate change.

This is unbelievable.  Do the oceans absorb heat?   It is a true statement but hides vital components that put this whole  thing into the correct perspective,, that  the amount of energy coming from the atmosphere, yet alone co2s role whatever that may be is dwarfed  by the oceans


THE OCEANS  AND THE SUN ARE THE LEADING CAUSES OF THE HEATING.    How is that not intuitive? At least enough to demand a rethinking of some of the ideas that are running away with what passes for solid science today Unless you are just looking at one thing rather than the whole picture.  They release wv and co2 as they warm.

Again why are we quantifying co2 and not WV?   We have the mixing ratio chart that shows.a direct correlation of WV to Temp, there is no such thing  FOR co2.  Why because there is no link that we can use.

But it goes to something I have been pointing out. Something is going on that we have no idea about and its natural.   But the amazing thing about this article is it simply ignores all that and  goes right back to the agenda being pushed

At the very least, and given what the warming SSTs mean for weather and climate,  Ask yourself how man’s input to what is a tiny amount of energy vs the entire system,  Is moving the system.

  • Joe Bastardi

    Joe Bastardi is a pioneer in extreme weather and long-range forecasting. He is the author of “The Climate Chronicles: Inconvenient Revelations You Won’t Hear From Al Gore — and Others” which you can purchase at the CFACT bookstore. His new book The Weaponization of Weather in the Phony Climate war can be found here.

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