Appeals Court overturns Berkeley, CA gas stove ban

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In a unanimous decision that could have national repercussions, a federal appeals court has overturned a ban on new gas-powered stoves in Berkeley, California. The ruling has metaphorical implications as well, as Berkeley’s ban on gas stoves was the first to be enacted in the nation.

The ruling also overturns a lower court’s ruling that had initially upheld the Berkeley law. The decision is likely to be appealed once again and it is very possible it could end up before the Supreme Court.

As reported by the Washington Times:

“A three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco handed down the unanimous ruling during a brewing nationwide battle over natural gas.

“Dozens of other Democratic-led municipalities in several states have approved legislation to ban or restrict natural gas in new construction to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

“Roughly 85 localities, most in California, have adopted some prohibition on the direct use of natural gas, according to the American Gas Association. Municipalities in other Democratic-led states, including Washington, Massachusetts, New York and Oregon, have enacted laws to limit or ban natural gas appliances.”

The ruling comes in the wake of proposed regulations from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that would make it very prohibitive to manufacturers to develop, and consumers to purchase, new gas-powered stoves. While the Biden Administration has insisted it is not trying to ban gas stoves, regulations such as those by the EPA call such claims into question.

The Washington Times report continues, saying:

“The Biden administration is also looking for ways to end natural gas use in homes in a quest for net-zero carbon emissions in the U.S. by 2050.

“The Consumer Product Safety Commission is “researching gas emissions in stoves and exploring new ways to address health risks,” said Chairman Alexander Hoehn-Saric, although much of the research that found health risks from using the appliances was flawed.

“Mr. Hoehn-Saric said the commission is ‘not looking to ban gas stoves.'”

Read the story in the Washington Times here.

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