Is half information disinformation?

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The Media ( in this case the WAPO) is at it again. There is no natural event they will not blame climate change for.  The latest one to question and expose their  ignorance to the other side of the story or purposeful hiding of it  is with their claim that your allergies are getting worse because of Climate Change

Springs are supposedly warmer and earlier. They used the eastern non-winter this year as proof, amazingly unaware that March would turn this cold and another late spring the way March and April are evolving for the country. We have been showing this on Weatherbell since February as the combination of the major stratospheric warming event and a shift in  the MJO forcing would mean colder-than-average weather for much of the nation well into April

So because I want both sides of the story,  I am going to include a google search link on this matter

It is not just the Washington Post. They are the object of my ire now because I can visibly take apart their graphic,    But they simply  ECHO what is out there.  Funny, if Woodward and Bernstein simply echoed what they were told you think we would have gotten to the bottom of that situation? But it is the same thing across the board in everything today. I can’t understand how a nation that was built on confronting the challenges of the hard facts we faced is going to survive if we no longer have all of those facts. You outsource your future to those that wish to control it, you will have no future

So look at this


Now lets look at March/Aprils the last 10 years vs the average


Hold on a second. More of the nation is at or below normal than above.

What about February so we get an early start on it, right?  Look at the LAST 15 YEARS, never mind 10


In fact let’s look at FMA


That is a wash!!!  So how is it getting worse?

In fact the decade   FMA 2003-2012  was warmer than the last 10 years!


FMA last 10 years


Its a flip that argues for later start to  growing seasons. How so?. Well even if it’s a bit below normal in the SW and SE it is still warm enough for plants to come out, But turn it colder in the areas of the nation where the normals are lower, and its a net cooling relative to plant life That should be intuitive.  If Miami has an average temp  2 degrees cooler, so what? That has little effect on plants. But you are in the heart of the corn belt and it is colder by 4 degrees from what it was earlier, it means planting is later.  Sp places that were cool before have warmed but what sticks out is the HEARTLAND COOLING that is going on.  So what the heck, you don’t think it’s natural to have responses like this?   How do you not look at this before writing what you do and showing people the other side of the issue? Because obviously what I am showing raises questions.

Again I am showing the other side here.

Now perhaps more co2 is helping trees grow hardier.  That I do believe.  In fact, if you were to plant a trillion trees globally you would pretty much offset man’s co2 emissions. But like nuclear power, no one seems to be interested in the simple solution.   An actual GREEN solution.  But ico2 is not making the US warmer in the spring so climate change is to blame for your allergies.  The reality you see shows that.

As far as this year’s outlook just like in 2018 cold air has driven deep into the areas that were warm earlier. And though there is a lot of back  and forth,  the growing season for crops will again start later than normal in large areas of the nation.

Oh, there is another aspect. While plants are likely growing hardier, we as a population are not,  We may live longer, but we have more things that turn out wrong with us.  The average 35-year-old male has about 50% of the testosterone of the same age group in the 1950s.   And body fat is higher.  This naturally increases overall stress on the respiratory system since fat is stored tissue that the body must carry.  The foods we are consuming are more for satisfaction at the time rather than looking at long-term implications.  Interestingly enough people lament the wealth gap in this country. Well, the health gap is growing between people who have decided to look at this stuff and run leaner and those that don’t.  So how is climate change to blame for that?  Its cultural behavior and changes in what is supposedly the norm that is driving that,

Climate change might in some obscure way be a reason for a hard-to-define change, since many other factors that are ignored, are involved.  Its not blame for a myriad of other problems, some of them real, of them, pushed to cause the breakdown of what made this nation the envy of the world

  • Joe Bastardi

    Joe Bastardi is a pioneer in extreme weather and long-range forecasting. He is the author of “The Climate Chronicles: Inconvenient Revelations You Won’t Hear From Al Gore — and Others” which you can purchase at the CFACT bookstore. His new book The Weaponization of Weather in the Phony Climate war can be found here.

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