Immigration Controls Come with Death

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Not surprisingly, immigration-control advocates are coming fiercely to the defense of George Allan Kelly, the 74-year-old Arizona man who is charged with murdering a Mexican citizen who illegally crossed the border into the United States and trespassed on Kelly’s ranch. Kelly and his wife live in a home on the ranch. 

I wrote about the Kelly case last month in two articles: “Warning: There Is No Illegal Immigration” and “Another Warning to Immigration-Control Advocates.” In those articles, I advised immigration-control advocates not to shoot and kill illegal immigrants as “invaders” because they will ultimately be charged with murder, not hailed as patriots who are defending their country.

According to news media accounts, Kelly is denying that he was the person who shot and killed the victim, 48-year old Gabriel Cuen-Butimea. Cuen-Butimea was apparently shot in the chest and back with a rifle. The media is reporting that Kelly is saying that he shot a shotgun over the heads of a group of illegal immigrants but did not use a rifle. 

At a preliminary hearing where the state presented evidence, a Justice of the Peace found that there was probable cause to charge Kelly with the crime. The next step is whether a grand jury finds the same thing and returns an indictment against him.

Of course, Kelly is presumed innocent. At trial, the state will have to prove his guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. That’s assuming, of course, that a plea bargain isn’t later entered into.

As I indicated above, immigration-control advocates are coming to Kelly’s defense. According to an article at Nogales International, county officials where the prosecution is taking place “are receiving hostile, and at times racist, phone calls in response to” the Kelly’s criminal prosecution. Chief Deputy Sheriff Gerardo Castillo stated, “It’s just people calling, and, you know, expressing themselves. Cussing us out, basically.” He added that one caller stated to him, “[You] sound Hispanic. So I hope your family gets killed.”

Additionally, an online fundraising platform has raised more than $74,000 to help pay for Kelly’s legal expenses. 

There is an important point to make about all this, something that immigration-control advocates are loath to confront: It is their system of immigration controls that is the root cause of Cuen-Butimea’s death as well as Kelly’s legal difficulties. 

In other words, if it weren’t for America’s system of immigration controls, Cuen-Butimea would be alive today and Kelly would not be facing the possibility of spending the rest of his life in jail. Under a system of open borders — genuine open borders — Cuen-Butimea would have been free to cross into the United States. Thus, he would have crossed at the regular crossing points. There would have been no reason to be trespassing on Kelly’s ranch. The reason illegal immigrants trespass on people’s ranches and farms along the border is to avoid detection by immigration officials and the Border Patrol, which enforce the immigration controls.

As I have long pointed out, America’s system of immigration controls is a socialist system, given that it is based on the socialist principle of central planning. Socialism comes with crisis and chaos, which is why there has long been crisis and chaos along the border. 

Many of the fiercest proponents of immigration controls are conservatives, who generally profess a devotion to “free enterprise.” Thus, it is ironic that when it comes to immigration, conservatives are among the fiercest proponents of socialism. Don’t count on conservatives, however, to accept personal responsibility for the perpetual and ongoing crisis, chaos, deaths, and criminal prosecutions that come with their socialist immigration system. Conservatives like imposing the concept of personal responsibility on others, not on themselves.

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