Governor Dunleavy: To save the environment, invest in Alaska

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“We have tremendous resources. Alaska was probably the only state in the country in which its admittance into the Union as the 49th state was predicated upon its ability — and a compelling argument — that they must develop their resources. The irony today is that the federal government is doing everything possible, from our perspective, to stop that view [and] that approach to resource development from occurring.” — Governor Mike Dunleavy (R-AK) 

In Episode 345 of District of Conservation, Gabriella interviews Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy on natural resources and conservation stewardship. Governor Mike Dunleavy arrived in Alaska in 1983 as a young man looking for opportunity, and he found it. His first job was working in a logging camp in Southeast Alaska. Later on, Governor Dunleavy pursued his dream of becoming a teacher. He earned his teacher’s certificate, and then a master of education degree from the University of Alaska Fairbanks. He spent nearly two decades in northwest Arctic communities working as a teacher, principal, and superintendent. The Dunleavys enjoy spending time together as a family, often in Alaska’s great outdoors. Hunting, fishing, snowmachining, and camping are all favorite activities. Governor Dunleavy is focused on moving Alaska forward and believes that our greatest years are yet to come if we work together to maximize our potential.

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