Clear the air and help Virginia escape the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative

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Governor Glenn Youngkin is wisely moving to pull Virginia out of an energy monstrosity called the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI).

Please click here and add your voice to the Virginia regulatory process.  Make a brief comment at Virginia’s “Regulatory Town Hall” explaining what a mistake the RGGI is, and why Virginia would be foolish not to get out while it still can.  It will only take seconds for CFACT readers to have a critical impact.

CFACT readers are well informed as to what a mistake Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont and Virginia made when they dragged their citizens into this scheme.  The RGGI strangles economies, impoverishes households, pushes energy prices through the roof, carries a massive environmental footprint, all while making no meaningful change to the temperature of the Earth.

Help Virginia get out.

Take a look at the article energy expert Steve Goreham just posted to which lays out the hard numbers which show that where Europeans mandated wind and solar energy, rates skyrocketed.  American states that copied Europe’s energy mistakes saw skyrocketing rates as well.

Clear the air and help Virginia escape the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative

Full disclosure.  I’m a proud Virginian.

The foolish RGGI saddled my beloved Commonwealth with a carbon tax which cost our utilities more than $500 million in just two years.  Whom do you think gets stuck with the tab?  We’re looking at another $300 million in wasteful energy taxes this year.

My neighbors and I need your help.  Please make your comment right now.

Don’t do it just because you and I are friends.  Do it for every Virginian, every American, everyone in the world facing energy shortages and crippling prices from energy taxes and mandates that enrich a few, harm a multitude, trample the environment and do nothing meaningful for the climate.

Help brave Virginia escape the foolish RGGI now.

Virginia’s ‘Clean Economy Act’ will have dirty results

Free Virginia from the
Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative


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