The Texas conservation model ft. GLO Commissioner Dawn Buckingham, M.D.

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“The good news is that we have very little federal land in Texas. So the Feds haven’t been able to shut down oil and gas here like they have everywhere else in the country. It’s why Texas, right now, is leading the nation in oil and gas production. It really cannot be overstated how important energy independence is. And so many people don’t realize that oil and gas, I mean—it’s it’s the chair you’re sitting on; it’s the makeup you put on your face. It’s a component of our everyday lives—not just energy. And we saw last last winter with the green New Deal policies in Europe, we had tankers of Texas—liquefied natural gas that already gone through the Panama Canal— and had to turn back around and go rescue Germany from all of their Green New Deal policies. So it’s an important component for all of us, and we’re going to continue to fight that fight.” — TX Land Commissioner Dawn Buckingham

In Episode 342 of District of Conservation, Gabriella interviews Texas Land Commissioner Dawn Buckingham. Commissioner Buckingham is the 29th Texas Commissioner and first women to serve in this role.

Here’s her biography: Commissioner Buckingham’s family were among the first settlers to Texas seven generations ago, and that tough, independent, pioneer spirit is deeply rooted in her personality. True to her Texas roots, her commitment to service began early, serving as a volunteer firefighter, and attending the Texas A&M Fire School. She is also an avid hunter, outdoorswoman, and steward of the land. She made history in 2016 as the first woman elected to the Texas State Senate from Travis County. Without slowing down, she made history again in 2022 when elected as the 29th, and state’s first female Commissioner of the General Land Office, Texas’ oldest state agency. Dawn came from humble roots—growing up on a ranch near the Texas coast and then moved to Central Texas. She has never settled for less than her dreams. Wanting to attend college, but without the money to do so, Dawn lived at home, working two jobs to pay her own way through college at the University of Texas at Austin. With endurance of spirit she graduated Magna Cum Laude and debt-free. It was during college that she met the love of her life and husband of 31 years, Ed Buckingham. Dawn and Ed both received their medical degrees from the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, and they have two children. Dawn then went on to become a successful Oculoplastic Surgeon. Her commitment to service and recognition for her work has allowed her to hold leadership positions in local, state, and national medical organizations.

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