Thank You, Americans, for Our Tax-Funded Largess

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I want to thank all of you taxpayers out there for providing me with the benefits of gigantic amounts of welfare-warfare-state largess that is being heaped on those of us living here in Virginia. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that the states surrounding Washington, D.C., had the nation’s biggest decline in unemployment benefits. In Virginia, “total new applications for unemployment benefits, a proxy for layoffs, declined 85% in Virginia in 2022 from the prior year, the largest drop of any state in the country.”

IRS Headquarters, Washington, D.C.

Hey, somebody has to benefit from all those trillions of dollars that are being plundered and looted from American taxpayers. It might as well be us Virginians, right? After all, everyone knows that Virginia is for lovers. What better group of people to reward with welfare-warfare-state largess than that?

It certainly helps that we have the Pentagon and the CIA in our state. They, of course, are the most powerful part of the federal government. It would stand to reason that they are going to receive a lion’s share of the massive tax revenue that American taxpayers send to the IRS. 

Don’t you all wish that the Pentagon and the CIA had established themselves in your state? Hey, don’t complain — the Pentagon has spread its military bases all across the country, which enables you all to get back some of the loot that the IRS takes from you. Don’t be greedy! 

CIA Headquarters, McLean, Virginia. Licensed under Creative Commons.

And let’s not forget the Federal Reserve System. It has its headquarters in Washington, D.C., which borders our state of Virginia. It would make sense that much of that paper money they print up to fund their welfare-warfare state would be spent first in our nation’s capital and the surrounding areas. By getting all that newly printed money first, we don’t have to worry about all those rising prices as much as the rest of you do. Thank you again, fellow Americans! 

The press is reporting that Florida is doing very well too. Its unemployment rate dropped to 2.5%, down from 2.6% in November. I can’t help but wonder whether all that Social Security largess sent to all those rich seniors who have retired in Florida, which has no state income tax, is a big reason for Florida’s prosperity. I’ll bet that spending all that welfare-state largess on things like Cadillacs and golf balls goes a long way toward pumping up the Florida economy.

Look at the bright side of this plunderbund system. You all can pat yourselves on the back for being good, caring, and compassionate people because the IRS and the Federal Reserve are using all that welfare-warfare-state largess to benefit people in Washington, D.C., Virginia, and Florida.

The Pentagon, Arlington, Virginia.

So, my fellow Americans, just keep working hard so you can keep sending the IRS a big-portion of your hard-earned money. Speaking on behalf of Washingtonians, Virginians, Floridians, and others who are benefiting from the trillions of dollars of welfare-warfare-state largess, I thank you!

Federal Reserve Headquarters, Washington, D.C. Licensed under Creative Commons.

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