New Presidential Candidate Nikki Haley — the Ron Paul institute has some Background Information

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Nikki Haley announced on Tuesday that she is running for president of the United States as a Republican.

What may a Haley presidency look like?

To help answer that question, check out the nine articles linked below from the website of the Ron Paul Institute. The articles all focus on Haley — a former South Carolina governor, US ambassador to the United Nations, and Boeing Board of Directors member.

Nikki Haley Named to Boeing Board - Lew Rockwell 'Sickened'” by Daniel McAdams on February 28, 2019

Scarier Than John Bolton? Think of Nikki Haley for President!” by Philip Giraldi on April 24,2018

Nikki Haley’s Compulsion Flouts the Law of Nations” by Michael S. Rozeff on March 13, 2018

US Defense Secretary Mattis Rejects War on Iran” by Adam Garrie on December 17, 2017

Nikki Haley Meltdown: Assad Must Go...and War With North Korea!” by Daniel McAdams on September 15, 2017

Nikki Haley Watch: Trump's Disaster UN Ambassador Loses it Over Syria Sanctions Vote“ by Daniel McAdams on February 28, 2017

US Ambassador to UN Nikki Haley: We Must Sanction Assad Over Chemical Weapons!“ by Daniel McAdams on February 24, 2017

Ambassador Nikki Haley is Completely Clueless” by Daniel McAdams on February 21, 2017

Trump Team Gone Wild: Now UN Ambassador Threatens Russia!“ by Daniel McAdams on February 2, 2017

* Originally published at the Ron Paul Institute


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