Ain’t nothing like the real thing, baby… when it comes to climate

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We are in the cold season in the northern hemisphere. The northern hemisphere has more land than the southern hemisphere.  This means that it’s naturally colder and drier in the northern hemisphere in terms of average temperature.But the northern hemisphere the last 60 days is running close to .63 above the 30-year mean. image.gif

The southern hemisphere, loaded with water and in the their cool season is only .02C above.


Now how does this not raise questions as to the cause of the warming?  As a meteorologist, we understand that there is a. correlation of WV to temps. That is why we use saturation mixing ratios. to refresh your memory look at the correlations.


A .2 gram  rise in the saturation mixing ratio gram/kg wv correlates to a 10C rise in temps where its -40C.

From 15 to 25c it takes almost 10 grams/kg. Or 50 times more.

So it stands to reason that more water vapor is going to correlate to it warming more where its cold and dry since temperatures are so sensitive to it.

So where it is warmer and more moist there will not be the amount of temperature rise. If WV is driving this it should show up where its coldest and driest, during the coldest driest time of the year,  There are no such correlations of co2/temp It also supports the distorted warming idea which is something that leads to a DECREASE in zonal potential energy and would mean less, not more, extreme weather since the pole to equator gradient would decrease Individual events are free to test the limits of nature and do, but warming away from the poles decreases the kind of clash needed for the kind of disasters portrayed in the phony climate war.  Weather events are weaponized to make it seem otherwise.

We get into all the “back radiation” arguments  But why would the “back radiation” warm the oceans as much as the air?  The oceans are much more energy dense.   So if the oceans did not warm, what would be the result as far as the air temperature? What is warming the oceans, it is not the air, it’s the other way around. It certainly is not co2 which is a tiny part of the air.  And certainly not man’s input which is only 3% of that.

A glance at the SST global;y shows the southern hemisphere waters cooler than the northern hemisphere but with hot spots occurring around known areas of sub-surface volcanic activity. ( I will leave that alone for now).


But what is the driver here? Why is it we are going from the smallest to the largest energy source ( the amount of co2 man puts into the air  ACCORDING to THE IPCC is 3% of the input.

So let us get this straight. The entire phony climate war that people have been brainwashed into believing is that co2 of which the atmosphere is .04% is running the show,  And it is running the show based on the input from man, which is only 3% of that, Meanwhile, direct correlations to water vapor, the most dominant by far of the greenhouse gasses are ignored as is the source region of the water vapor the oceans. You are asked to believe that man’s small contribution is pushing the oceans around. How does that make any sense?

But the real-world data shows its water vapor.  The correlation makes perfect sense. The current global weather picture shows how the colder drier N hemisphere in its cold season is reacting. There is virtually no change in the southern hemisphere. Why? it’s tough to change the air in the warm season over the oceans because the oceans are actually the source of all this.

So what is warming the ocean which is part of all these blogs I have been talking about?

Isn’t it far more likely that the warming is a result of some kind of increase in geothermal input than man’s input of co2 to what is tiny compared to water vapor in the first place?

Why given the figures that hit us in the face, is there not more questioning research is being done, rather than dumping money into so-called “settled science?”

Perhaps it would reveal the unsettling fact that what you are being told has another side of the story. Maybe the real story.

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