Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Andrew Napolitano, a 2024 Third-Party Presidential Ticket?

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The 2024 United States presidential race would become much more interesting if Children’s Health Defense Founder and Chairman Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., who has tenaciously challenged the tyranny and propaganda pursued in the name of countering coronavirus, runs for president with legal scholar and former New Jersey Judge Andrew Napolitano as his running mate on a third-party ticket. That is the presidential ticket possibility suggested by political commentator and trends forecaster Gerald Celente in a Friday interview with host David Knight at the David Knight Show.

Twenty-five minutes into the interview, Celente broached the idea of a Kennedy-Napolitano ticket. Many Americans’ reaction to such a ticket may be similar to Knight’s initial response upon hearing its suggestion. Knight stated, “I would support something like that, even if I didn’t agree with them on all the issues, because I think they tell people what they really believe.” You can watch the interview here.

Celente further suggested that Kennedy and Napolitano could seek the Libertarian Party nomination.

Celente mentioned in the interview his having spoken along with Kennedy and Napolitano at the September 4, 2021 Ron Paul Institute (RPI) conference in Virginia near Washington, DC. Regarding what a Kennedy-Napolitano campaign would look like, Kennedy and Napolitano’s speeches at that RPI event provide a promising preview.

Watch Kennedy’s speech here:

Watch the speech by Napolitano, who is an RPI Advisory Board member, here:

* Originally published at the Ron Paul Institute


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