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CFACT has warned for decades that the Left was hijacking climate, energy and environmental policy to attack freedom and push their big government agenda.  Sadly, our warnings have come all too true.  We have work to do!

Help CFACT launch into 2023 ready for battle. Your essential end-of-year gift is fully tax deductible.  There is no finer cause to fund than freedom.

CFACT is uniquely effective at taking the facts the Left fears and the media ignores and making them known.  We offer cutting-edge insight and analysis, but also continually inject primary source material and unedited hard data into the discussion.  This the Left dare not do.  The facts destroy them.

Your year-end gift is crucial to CFACT’s mission of ensuring the facts on climate and energy cannot be ignored.

2022 was a big year for CFACT.  We spoke truth to power at the UN climate conference in Egypt.  We even “glued” ourselves to an Egyptian museum exhibit to call attention to the bizarre radicals damaging great works of art.  CFACT’s Climate Hustle feature films continued to play to packed houses.  We presented expert testimony and commentary at every level of government.  CFACT’s Marc Morano regularly reported the facts on climate and energy via news broadcasts around the world.  We plastered inconvenient facts on billboards from coast to coast.  We protected endangered species from lions to whales, helped poor villagers build their own better futures, and so much more.  It was essential to have you with us every step of the way.

CFACT cannot do it without you.  Please make the strongest year-end contribution you can right now and help us enter the new year stronger than ever.

In 2022, CFACT’s student leaders fearlessly spoke out at universities that have become indoctrination centers, and laid out the truths that devastate the politically correct dogma foisted upon our kids.  Help them fight on in 2023.

We have more first-rate scholars publishing at than ever before   Climate Depot continues to be the most effective source available for taking down the daily exaggerations and outright lies global warming campaigners push upon the public.

CFACT’s success is completely dependent on the support of our friends.  We couldn’t do it without you.  We couldn’t even try.  The good news is you’re the best.  CFACT has the most dedicated and loyal group of friends and supporters we could possibly ask for.  Thank you all.

The Left intends to transform America into a place devoid of our founding values of individual freedom and responsibility.  This cannot be allowed.

The battle is joined!  Victory depends on you.

Please make the most generous tax deductible year-end gift you can right now and help jump-start CFACT into 2023.

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