I Am Still Not Nostradamus!

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On October 23, 2017, I wrote an article entitled “I Predict Trump Will Continue the CIA’s JFK Assassination Cover-Up.” My prediction turned out to be true. Trump extended the JFK cover-up until October 26, 2021. 

On October 24, 2021, I wrote an article entitled “Biden Will Continue the JFK Cover-Up.” My prediction turned out to be true. On October 26, 2021, Biden extended the JFK cover-up until December 15, 2022.

On September 8, 2022, I wrote an article entitled “My Prediction on the CIA’s Secret Assassination Files,” in which I went out on a limb and predicted that President Biden would, once again, on December 15, 2022, extend the time for secrecy for the CIA’s 60-year-old records relating to the Kennedy assassination. 

Then, the following month — on October 21, 2022 — I wrote an article entitled “I Am Not Nostradamus!” I repeated my September 8, 2022, prediction by stating: “So, if you’re holding your breath until December 15, please don’t make yourself suffer in that way. They are not going to release those records when that deadline comes. Biden will do what Trump did and what he already has done: He will, once again, bend the knee, kiss the ring of the CIA, and defer to its orders.”

When the latest deadline for disclosure of those assassination-related records came due last week on December 15, 2022, take a wild guess what happened. Yep, my prediction came true once again! The CIA continued keeping thousands of its 59-year-old assassination records secret from the American people, and Biden, once again, let the CIA get away with it. 

Make no mistake about it: Those still-secret records are small but important pieces to the puzzle that serve to further establish the criminal culpability of the national-security establishment in the Kennedy assassination.

You can rest assured that those still-secret records do not contain a confession. From the very beginning of its program of state-sponsored assassinations, it was a firm CIA policy to never put anything into writing regarding its state-sponsored assassinations. Thus, you can rest assured that those still-secret records do not contain any reference to the CIA’s role in the Kennedy assassination. But you can be equally assured that they contain critically important circumstantial evidence that points to criminal culpability on the part of the CIA.

Biden and the CIA claim that releasing those secret records after almost 60 years will threaten “national security.” Notice something important: They said the same thing about the records that the CIA did release on December 15. For some 30 years, they have been claiming that releasing those records would threaten “national security.” It’s been a lie the whole time. After all, do you see the United States falling into the ocean or being taken over by the Reds or the Muslims? Of course not. Even though those records have now been released, the United States continues to exist. The “national-security” claim has been bogus since the beginning. And it’s just as bogus with respect to the records that they’re still hiding. 

When a person wants to hide incriminating evidence, he buries it in a mountain of non-incriminating evidence. After all, it wouldn’t have been smart to hide only the incriminating evidence. Better to bury it in a mountain of non-incriminating evidence so that no one will notice. Then, every 10 years or so, the CIA can release a bit of the non-incriminating evidence, which will enable the CIA to exclaim, “See how honest and transparent we are?” 

But like so many others, I’m not not interested in the records they released. I’m interested in the records they are still hiding.

As I have detailed in my books The Kennedy Autopsy, The Kennedy Autopsy 2, Regime Change: The JFK Assassination, and, most recently, An Encounter with Evil: The Abraham Zapruder Story, the national-security establishment conducted a fraudulent autopsy on President Kennedy’s body just a few hours after the assassination. As I have long maintained, there is no innocent explanation for a fraudulent autopsy. None! No one has ever come up with one. No one ever will. That’s how we know that the military establishment was also criminally involved with the assassination. It is the military that conducted the fraudulent autopsy. 

For example, consider Navy Petty Officer Saundra Spencer’s sworn testimony to the Assassination Records Review Board in the 1990s stating that she had been asked on the weekend of the assassination, on a top-secret basis, to develop the photographs for the president’s autopsy. When the ARRB showed her the official autopsy photograph showing the back of Kennedy’s head to be intact, she responded no — that that was not the photograph she developed. The photograph she developed showed a massive exit-sized hole in the back on Kennedy’s head. Her sworn testimony matched the statements made by the treating physicians in Dallas. That necessarily means that the military produced a fraudulent photograph and then put it into the official record.

Consider also the ARRB’s discovery that the military conducted two brain examinations as part of the Kennedy autopsy, only one of which involved the president’s brain. Consider also that the military pathologists were falsely claiming that there had only been one brain examination. It would be difficult to come up with a better example of autopsy fraud than that.

Consider the ARRB’s discovery of Marine Sgt. Roger Boyajian, who told the ARRB that the president’s body was carried into the morgue at 6:35 p.m. The official entry time of the body was 8 p.m.

The establishment of the fraudulent autopsy closed the case on the Kennedy assassination. That’s because, again, there is no innocent explanation for a fraudulent autopsy. The fraudulent autopsy equals criminal culpability. 

Imagine a complex puzzle that has 5,000 pieces to it. You put together 80 percent of the puzzle but you’ve lost the other 20 percent. Nonetheless, you can still see that the puzzle depicts the Eiffel Tower. Then, let’s say you find another 50 pieces. They would help establish what you already know — that the puzzle depicts the Eiffel Tower. 

That’s where we are with the Kennedy assassination. We know they did it because we know that there is no innocent explanation for a fraudulent autopsy. They know that the records they are still hiding simply provide additional pieces to the regime-change mosaic. 

Finally, let me emphasize something important: I am still not Nostradamus! I just know how guilty people behave. As I and others have long maintained, the fact is that the national-security establishment, of which the CIA Is a principal part, is criminally responsible for the domestic regime-change operation that took place in Dallas on November 22, 1963. When someone has committed a criminal act and steadfastly denies it, he deems it imperative to hide any evidence whatsoever that helps to establish criminal culpability. That’s why those records are still secret. It’s also why they will always remain secret and why setting new deadlines for disclosure is nothing more than a fraudulent scam. 

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