Every Supporter Counts in EFF's Year-End Challenge

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Every Supporter Counts in EFF's Year-End Challenge

Social movements, businesses, and your own household depend on technology to succeed. That’s become a fact of modern life and it's why EFF has defended your online privacy, security, and free speech for over 30 years. Will you donate so EFF can keep on fighting?

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Every Supporter Counts!

Support EFF by December 31 and you’ll help unlock bonus grants! Every donation—no matter the size—helps EFF secure a series of seven challenge grants set by EFF’s board. These grants become larger as the number of online rights supporters grows. Check out the counter.

You can help out by joining EFF and sharing the membership drive with friends! Here’s some language you can use:

Do some good in the world and get an extra boost. Donate to support internet privacy & free speech by December 31, and you’ll help EFF unlock year-end challenge grants. https://eff.org/YEC


Your digital rights are not a game. We all rely on the web more each day, and we need to get it right. Just this month, EFF members helped to:

That’s amazing progress! And EFF’s team of lawyers, activists, and technologists keep up the fight every day. The challenges of the digital world aren’t easy. But you can ensure tech users always have a fierce advocate in EFF.

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Donate today & unlock special grants before 2023

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