Chaos and order in weather and climate

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While listening to Jordan Peterson’s “Chaos and Order” Podcast, it hit me that what he was describing is exactly what I witness in the weather.  And it backs what I was taught by my dad. He would always say that the weather and climate are nature’s way of trying to correct an imbalance inherent in the system by its very design. Dad also told me that the weather was always asking a question and the forecast was your way to answering that question. The chaos of the unknown in a forecast means one must prepare to answer the question. The desired outcome is not making the weather do what you want, but trying to unravel what is concealed (the future event) and come as close as possible. The result is a better forecaster. Even if it does not work out, you likely will learn enough so the next time you will get stronger. If you listen to the podcast you will see how close the weather is linked to Chaos, then doing what is needed to return to order. AND HOW NECESSARY IT IS for upward mobility.

The real fight is not to tame nature, but to let nature teach you through these chaos and order events how to make the best of nature while getting stronger. Nature is not set up to be tamed by man. The thought that men think they can is arrogant and ignorant. At the base of the climate fight is the aspect of this belief that you can control nature, but you first need to CONTROL  all other men. By doing so you then limit their chances to confront chaos and grow stronger by returning to order. But there is the trick. You can not desire to stay in that order, for then you grow weaker through complacency. Man naturally crave a challenge.  If you look at it the way I do, trying to answer the question, “What can I give back to God for the blessings he has poured out on me?” the growth from the challenge points toward God, and the fruit of that manifests itself in the way God wants it. I wrestle with this all the time.

This current pattern which is likely to produce for the nation as a whole, the coldest, stormiest Christmas week since the 1980’s was set up by company Weatherbell, shown also here on CFACT and on my playground, Twitter, since late summer.  What did it come off of? An error on the front part of the hurricane season. So  I dug in and forecasted an active last half with hits on the US coast, specifically targeting the southeast. That is from a pattern of knowns that produce that kind of event and then is linked to the cold December part of winter. That December has not been cold overall for the last 11 years means the forecast sticks out like a sore thumb. It also means that energy is used up front which leaves the US and Europe even more open for the rest of the winter to shortages. Europe has had the coldest start since 2010 and while they get a bit of reprieve the coming week, the rest of the winter looks normal to below normal to me. But it was the error that lead to me having to face the chaos in front of me, and then try to restore order.   So now I will have to deal with people on the other side of the climate issue explaining it’s because they are right that the weather is doing what it is doing and it’s worse than ever.   Because my side of this argument and its media will NOT GET OUT IN FRONT, I don’t get the chance to reference it. Except on Cfact or on twitter where of course the trolls can get in and do what they do.

But this is a perfect example, one of many, Peterson talks about and I could talk with him for hours on linking weather events to other events.Quite frankly I am hoping he reads this and gets me on. He has had a couple of wonderful people on for Climate, but I am an old guy with old eyes that is on the front line  OF FORECASTING. Remember what my dad said,” Your forecast is your way of answering the question the weather is asking you.” So I forecast and have done so for almost 50 years now. Constant craving for the extreme situation because another wonderful ditty of my dad is that “extreme results demand extreme measures.” The condition on that is that it must be measured in the realm of righteousness, not shortcuts or cheating. But that chaos and order cycle in the weather links right to the reason the phony climate war is so abhorrent. It simply thumbs its nose at nature and elevates a group of men to be in charge of all other men in what is simply a way to limit freedom and individual will, forming a stratified caste system of many under the control of the few.

I will end with this; The very nature of what Dr. Peterson describes comes down to two of my favorite God-centered verses. One is proverbs 25:2: It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, the glory of kings to search that matter out.

Boom! Something hidden naturally invites chaos, and searching it out takes work, but it restores order.

And from the book of Mormon ( I have many close LDS friends and love talking about God with them)

2 Nephi 2: 11: For it must be, that there is an opposition in all things. If not so…  righteousness could not be brought to pass.

Opposition is chaos, but it is needed for righteousness. How is one to know what is good unless one can overcome what is bad?  More appropriately how is one to grow stronger without a test one has to prepare and strive for?

I submit to you that what you see in the weather is the natural offshoot of nature’s grand demonstration of chaos and order. And men believing they can control that by controlling the behavior of other men runs against the laws of nature and nature’s God.

And that may be what this is really all about.

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