New York Fed and Big Financial Companies to Start Testing the Ominous ‘Digital Dollar’

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It’s official: The Federal Reserve Bank of New York announced Tuesday that it and a group of big financial institutions will be testing, over a 12-week period, use of “digital dollars” — the term now often being used to describe a central bank digital currency (CBDC) from the Federal Reserve. CBDCs threaten to eviscerate privacy and enable direct and sweeping control over who can spend how much and on what, all based on the desires of financial and governmental elites.

Michael Maharrey provides more details about this new CBDC pilot program and its ominous nature in a Wednesday Schiff Gold article you can read here. Maharrey concludes his article with the following warning:
As with most things the government does, you should be wary of the digital dollar. It has a dark side that you can be sure the mainstream will mostly ignore.
That is indeed the case. Thus, it is important that individuals who value liberty spread the word about the threat posed by the “digital dollar” and other CBDCs.

* Originally published at the Ron Paul Institute


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