Collister Johnson on “Joe Thomas in the Morning” shreds Dominion’s wind project

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Collister “Terry” Johnson, Jr., who sits on CFACT’s Board of Advisors, was invited on the “Joe Thomas in the Morning” show on WCHV – Charlottesville and WRAD – New River Valley, VA to discuss the plight of the right whale.

Dominion Energy’s proposed offshore Virginia wind project will be located right in the middle of the endangered whales’ migratory path.

“They’re an endangered species, there’s only a little over 300 of them left,” Johnson said. “They’re on the endangered species list federally, endangered species list in Virginia. And of course, what the problem is going to be is if you have this giant – it’s not a wind farm, it’s a wind factory – off the coast of Virginia where they migrate, you’re gonna have ships running back and forth to maintain these giant facilities with the turbines. They’re gonna be over 700 feet in height; the blades themselves are gonna be longer than a football field. And the right whale is right in the middle of all this and they’re very much gonna be in danger.”

Listen to the segment in full here.

  • CFACT, founded in 1985 by Craig Rucker and the late (truly great) David Rothbard, examines the relationship between human freedom, and issues of energy, environment, climate, economics, civil rights and more.

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