CFACT President “zooms in” to local conservative gathering in Minnesota

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On Wednesday, CFACT President Craig Rucker delivered a talk to attendees of a local GOP meeting in Cambridge, Minnesota.  His topic centered on “Unmasking the Green Left’s Climate Hype” and was well received by those who gathered.

“Those who advocate a climate apocalypse are playing fast and loose with the data,” Rucker asserted. “Fortunately, there are a number of academic researchers, some even on the Left like Michael Shellenberger and Steven Koonin, who are taking issue with their dire predictions of doom and gloom.”

CFACT President “zooms in” to local conservative gathering in Minnesota
Rucker pointed out that while today’s temperatures have indeed warmed modestly over the past 140 years, the warming being experienced today is well within the realm of natural variability.  “Many scientists believe the Medieval and Roman periods of 1,000 and 2,000 years ago, he asserted, “were as warm or warmer than today’s temperatures.”

As for severe weather events like hurricanes and heatwaves, Rucker showcased charts and graphs revealing how historical data debunks any notion that these are increasing in either frequency or intensity.

Diane Johnson, the chairwoman of the GOP group who organized the event, said “Mr. Rucker’s talk was engaging and very informative.  Our members told me they really enjoyed it, and are grateful he agree to speak to our group.”

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