Campaigners fail to prevent Morano and Monckton from talking climate in London

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CFACT’s Marc Morano joined Lord Christopher Monckton to debunk global warming propaganda at the Global Investment in Sustainable Development conference in London.

Climate campaigners tried hard to stop them from speaking, but failed.

The conference, billed as a “Green Davos,” is an opportunity for investors to cash in on the UN’s upcoming COP27 climate conference in Egypt.

The forum took place despite U.K. Climate Minister Graham Stuart withdrawing his keynote speech, and Dr. Aaron Thierry (pictured above with his hand glued to a building in protest of carbon) pulling out of a debate.

Watch Morano and Monckton discuss the hit they made at the conference on the Mark Steyn show on GB News.  Attendees actually voted to extend Morano and Monckton’s presentation.  Another session voluntarily canceled to make time for them!

Morano and Monckton told Mark Steyn that business leaders continually came up to them at the conference and told them that they privately absolutely agree with them.  They keep up the climate alarm pretense for political, social and financial reasons.  CFACT has experienced this for years.

Global warming propaganda never holds up when confronted in an honest forum.  That is why the Left never ceases working to stifle debate and suppress facts that correct the record on climate.

Watch Morano and Monckton now.

Business leaders are well aware that the Left is lying on climate.

As Lord Monckton said, “the cracks are starting to show.”

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