The Clownish Thuggery of DeSantis and Abbott

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You can tell how Republicans view illegal immigrants by the clownish thuggery in which two of their most revered governors are currently engaged. After arresting (kidnapping might be a better term) immigrants for violating sacred federal laws against illegal entry, DeSantis and Abbott then have them involuntarily transported to Washington, D.C., or Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, where the transporters then dump them. 

In other words, sort of like transporting cattle from Texas to Colorado or oranges from Florida to New York. That’s how Republicans view immigrants who have violated their sacred illegal-entry law — as sub-human, much as they viewed people in North Vietnam and North Korea back in the 1950s and 1960s.

But the fact is that these are real people, not animals or sub-humans. They are people who are fleeing their homeland to save their lives in the hope of coming to the United States to survive, live, work, and prosper. They find themselves not only being arrested (i.e., kidnapped) but then involuntarily transported to places thousands of miles away, without even being informed where they are being forcibly taken.

Many of these immigrants are from Venezuela. That’s one of the countries on which the U.S. government, with the full support of Republicans, has imposed a brutal set of economic sanctions. The sanctions target the Venezuelan people with death and impoverishment, with the aim of achieving regime change. U.S. officials are still holding out hope that if they can just kill or impoverish a few more Venezuelans, they will finally get rid of Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro and replace him with a U.S. government stooge named Juan Guaidó.

The sanctions, combined with Maduro’s socialism, have worked so well that millions of Venezuelans have fled the county in an attempt to save their lives. And what happens when they do so by coming to the United States? They are castigated, condemned, arrested, kidnapped, and illegally transported to places against their will. 

In other words, they are considered to be bad people, while U.S. officials and their Republican cohorts are considered to be good people for trying to kill or impoverish them with their brutal set of economic sanctions. In the minds of U.S. officials and their Republican cohorts, those immigrants should have just stayed in Venezuela and died.

Many of the illegal immigrants are Mexicans. That’s the country in which the U.S. government, with the full support of Republicans, has been waging a deadly and destructive drug war for decades. In the past 10 years, hundreds of thousands of people have been killed in Mexico, not because of drugs but rather because of the drug war.

But Mexicans are not supposed to try to escape their country in an attempt to save their lives from U.S. drug-war-inspired violence. They are expected to remain there and die. When they instead risk their lives to come to the United States, they are considered to be bad people who need to be condemned and castigated. The good people are considered to be those who wage the drug war and then arrest them, kidnap them, incarcerate them, and illegally transport them to faraway places against their will.

There is something else to consider. The only reason for the decades-long, never-ending immigration “crisis” along the border is the socialist system of immigration controls that Republicans like DeSantis and Abbott (as well as Democrats) have foisted upon our nation. It is humorous to see Republicans like DeSantis and Abbott waxing eloquent about their devotion to “free enterprise” while supporting a socialist system that contradicts the principles to which they ostensibly subscribe. At the risk of belaboring the obvious, if there was a genuine free market along the border — i.e., open borders — there would be no immigration crisis because foreigners would be free to enter the United States like humans, rather than like animals. 

Kudos to the people of Massachusetts. An article in yesterday’s Los Angeles Times entitled “Ron DeSantis’ Cruel Political Theater Falls Flat on Martha’s Vineyard,” states that a church group in Martha’s Vineyard immediately found 50 cots and arranged housing for the migrants. An emergency-room doctor came down from Boston. Lawyers offered legal services for free. Restaurants donated more food than the migrants could eat. High school students taking Spanish came down to translate. Donations poured into a fund to help the migrants. So many people came down to donate things that they caused a huge traffic jam.

That’s what America and Americans are all about. If we could only have a religious and moral awakening like that across this country, we would be well on our way to putting America back on the right road — toward liberty, free markets, peace, morality, humanity, charity, harmony, and limited government, rather than the clownish thuggery that we now have, as manifested through public officials like Ron DeSantis and Gregg Abbott.

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