Surveillance of Credit Card Purchases at Gun Shops

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In his latest weekly editorial titled “Why You Should Use Cash to Buy Guns” legal scholar and Ron Paul institute Advisory Board member Andrew Napolitano discusses how credit card companies have newly put in place a means to track credit card users’ purchases at gun shops. For people who continue to use credit cards for purchases at gun shops, Napolitano warns that the results can include United States government agents reviewing their purchase histories and even showing up on their doorsteps asking to see their guns.

As the title of Napolitano’s editorial suggests, paying with cash at gun shops instead of with credit cards could help prevent the new privacy invasion and harassment from the government. But, beware: There is a war on cash taking place right now in America. Cash is on the government’s no-no list just as are guns. Further, the United States and other national governments are studying and developing central bank digital currencies intended to take the place of cash. The new digital currency promises to be a powerful surveillance and behavior control tool that can be readily applied to gun shop purchases and all other spending.

Your days to make cash purchases at gun shops may be numbered. And, then, one day a bureaucrat may make an entry in a government database that results your digital currency being blocked from use at gun shops too.

* Originally published at the Ron Paul Institute


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