CFACT’s Morano on Fox & Friends: California’s energy woes are “self-inflicted”

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CFACT’s Marc Morano, Director of Communications and editor of Climate Depot, appeared on Fox & Friends to discuss California’s energy supply problems.

Morano: “This would be a California joke if these policies stayed in California, this was self-inflicted. They did this to themselves…This is a utopian vision, gone bad with reality — that reality bites. Utopia is no more. California’s self-inflicted energy wounds are here for all to see. And it’s following Green New Deal policies. … What they do is they basically say we’ll mandate it and then magically, it’s going to happen. And now we’re seeing not just California. We have the dystopian vision of Europe being ahead of even California down the Green New Deal path. And we have there the EU that had now just come out and said we need to flatten the energy curve to flatten the demand curve in order to meet our energy demands. This is getting a weird dystopian COVID feel.”

Watch the full segment here.

  • CFACT, founded in 1985 by Craig Rucker and the late (truly great) David Rothbard, examines the relationship between human freedom, and issues of energy, environment, climate, economics, civil rights and more.

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