MO Senator Holly Rehder chats feral hogs, black bears, and the Great Outdoors

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“I was chosen [as the Conservation Federation of Missouri} Conservation Senator of the year, which was a high honor. Very surprising to me. But you know, we have a lot of issues with feral hogs in my area. We’re very rural. And so we’ve, we have, we want to absolutely balance our dog hunters, right? That that want to hunt hogs and want to use their dogs for hunting in general, versus the difficulties of those feral hogs and the expanding population and how they tear up our farmers fields. And, heck, I had one farmer that planted three times and then finally give it just gave up. And I mean, it’s just really bad.” — Holly Rehder, Missouri State Senator

In Episode 293 of District of Conservation, Gabriella teases her upcoming interview with Missouri State Senator Holly Rehder—author of the new memoir, CINDER GIRL. In this clip, Holly discusses winning the Conservation Federation of Missouri’s Conservation Legislator of the Year (Senate) award in 2021, addressing feral hogs, and why having an inaugural black bear hunting season is important for the Show-Me State. Tune in!

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