Hurricane of climate legislation, executive orders, will raise inflationary floodwaters

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A climate of panic has provoked Democrats to release a gully washer of last-ditch green energy mandates and spending blitzes ahead of a predicted November congressional tidal change that sinks their slim majority.

Republicans got royally rolled last week on Sen.Joe Manchin’s deal with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to back the Democrat “Inflation Reduction Act,” a $369 billion green corporate welfare bill which includes tax credits for spending on “sustainable” wind and solar systems, electric vehicles and charging stations.

That proposal must have been named by the same gang that now declares that America’s second consecutive quarter of negative GDP shrinkage no longer constitutes a “recession;” that ending U.S. energy independence is merely a “transition” to green alternatives; and that our southern border migrant invasion is actually “secure.”

And oh yeah, global warming became transformed to “climate change” to keep alarmist options open whenever it didn’t happen.

Meanwhile, the Biden White House has pledged to bypass the legislative branch altogether through “emergency” climate alarm-premised executive orders (EOs) and agency directives.

Key EOs are expected to include: a halt on U.S. crude oil exports; an end to drilling on the outer continental shelf while lifting sanctions on Venezuela and Iran; use of the Defense Production Act to command manufacturers to build “green” solar panels, lithium-ion batteries, and heat pumps; and repurposing of disaster relief funds and military budgets for “clean energy” projects such as solar plants.

Many of these climate crisis-premised actions are to be forced through mandates imposed by the federal bureaucracy swamp.

For example, while slow-walking oil and gas pipeline and drilling permits, the Department of the Interior is proposing development of the first wind energy areas in the Gulf of Mexico and in waters off the mid- and southern Atlantic Coast and Florida’s Gulf Coast.

So, what constitutes a “climate emergency?”

For a power-obsessed bureaucracy, the term means the opportunity to issue orders that couldn’t otherwise be imposed through authorized statutory processes and pass out money and preferential privileges that win them political allies to secure even greater tyrannical power.

To those on the Far Left, the declaration of an emergency by the federal executive bestows government bureaucrats special unauthorized powers to create and enact whole new categories of unwritten laws based upon unproven threats for unwarranted purposes simply because we allow them to.

If you imagined that Executive “emergency powers” involve fast-track actions to mitigate or respond to a real disaster requiring immediate action such as an infectious COVID shutdown, or an activity curfew during a weather disaster or urban riot, that understanding is being stretched beyond reasonable limits.

Take, for example, Joe Biden’s July 20 declaration when speaking at a closed Massachusetts coal-fired power plant that: “Climate change is literally an existential threat to our nation and to the world … This is an emergency, an emergency, and I will look at it that way.”

As Greenpeace characterized this new interpretation: “Congress and the Courts are failing to protect our communities from the climate crisis and it’s time for President Biden to be the leader we need. By declaring a climate emergency, President Biden unlocks an expanded set of powers under the National Emergencies Act and other federal laws.”

Climate change — either way; sometimes extreme — is historically normal and expected. Nevertheless, highly theoretical predictions by provably unreliable climate models do not constitute a rational basis for issuing executive powers that circumvent those of congressional lawmakers.

Moreover, the Supreme Court’s June 30 decision in West Virginia v. EPA clarified that federal bureaucracies have no power to fundamentally transform the use of energy in the economy without a clear direction from Congress, which on the climate issue cannot be found in existing statutes.

Nor are further statutory authorities to kill fossil energy likely to emerge prior to the November midterm congressional elections, and even unlikelier if, as predicted, Republicans then gain Senate and/or House majorities.

But now enter that deviously delusion-titled “Inflation Reduction Act,” which leverages financial investments and profitability away from fossil sources which provide at least 80% of our energy, compared to wind and solar which provide — at best — maybe 4% combined.

And doing this during an energy shortage-induced inflationary recession, no less… all in the name of saving the planet.

This green graft will, among other taxpayer giveaway gimmicks, provide $20 billion in cheap federal loans for building “clean” vehicle factories on top of $7,500 tax credits so that affluent Americans can buy more Teslas beyond the 200,000 existing manufacturer eligibility sales limitation

The generous green gifting will also infuse Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm’s green venture slush fund with $20 billion for sequels to Obama’s Solyndra, Biden’s Fisker Automotive, along with A123 Systems, and the 97% of Michigan’s other failed investments during her term as governor.

The 725-page bill will also slam a 15% minimum tax on corporations with book incomes over $1 billion, while those that go green receive beneficial tax credits.

Adding inflationary injury to fiscal ignorance, that spending splurge will violate a fundamental time-proven tenant that Joe Manchin once supported when he said, “I don’t think during a time of recession you mess with any of the taxes or increase any taxes.”

Ironically, the non-profit Tax Foundation forecasts that Manchin’s West Virginia will be hit among the hardest, with higher coal industry taxes.

These costs, per usual, will be passed on to energy consumers, including farmers that grow food we eat, truckers that deliver it to markets, stores that bake the extra pricing into stuff they sell us, and deflated money and retirement income value as government prints more green to cover exploding deficit spending and spiraling debt.

Let’s stop renaming disasters in attempts to make them appear to go away.

And while we’re at it, let’s stop voting for them as well.

This article originally appeared at NewsMax

  • CFACT Advisor Larry Bell heads the graduate program in space architecture at the University of Houston. He founded and directs the Sasakawa International Center for Space Architecture. He is also the author of "Climate of Corruption: Politics and Power Behind the Global Warming Hoax."

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