Fly fishing keeps Arizona State Rep. Quang Nguyen grounded

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“I taught myself how to fly fish as a young man, you know, high school and did a lot of fishing in the Sierras. You know, I was in California, I grew up in California, I went to high school in California, we go to Yosemite to go fly fish. I mean, can you imagine that?…Because the company I was working for in Irvine actually relocated to Phoenix and I came here, and I was somewhat lost. And I started looking for places to go fishing. So I started out with some small lakes and you get nothing but bluegill. And occasionally you get a small mouth bass. But amazingly, the fly rod is still applicable. You know, for little things like that. And later on, I started going to the northeastern side of Arizona, where you can start catching the Apache Trout. And then recently, by the way, it was an accident, the big heel trout that you saw me holding—that’s the size of my forearm— and it came out of creek in Sedona.” — Arizona Representative Quang Nguyen

Photo Credit: Gila Trout / Quang Nguyen


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