Cheetahs to return to India in new conservation effort

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Cheetahs are known for being fast. Unfortunately, cheetahs also quickly disappeared from India, as they have been extinct in the country for about 70 years.

Now, however, conservationists are pursuing an aggressive campaign to reintroduce cheetahs from Africa back into India. Their first destination: India’s Kuno National Park.

16 cheetahs will be transported, quarantined in the park to allow them to get comfortable in their new environment, and then allowed to roam freely. There will be threats within the park such as leopards, sloth bears, and wolves, but there will also be plenty of prey, including deer, Indian gazelles, and four-horned antelope.

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Conservationists have warned that the project may be unsuccessful as India’s cheetah habitats are dwindling. Habitat loss was one of the major causes of their extinction in 1952.

Officials are optimistic, however, and say that Kuno national park can provide the big cats with sufficient space and prey.

Over the next five to six years, India also hopes to import 50 to 60 more cheetahs and reintroduce them to a handful of parks and reserves across the country. The animals will be swapped around to ensure genetic diversity.”

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