CFACT billboards expose climate agenda

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Above: CFACT billboard now on display in Phoenix, AZ.

This past week, CFACT began putting up billboards in various parts of America to draw attention to high fuel and energy prices.

We’re doing this because Americans need to know team Biden is largely responsible, and that his latest “climate and tax bill” which Sen. Manchin agreed to will only make matters worse!

When Biden took office, the average price of a gallon of gas was around $2.25 and a barrel of oil was selling at $53. Before Putin ever invaded Ukraine, prices had risen to about $3.50 a gallon and $100 a barrel.

CFACT billboards expose climate agendaDespite the President’s finger pointing, Putin had little to do with this rapid hike.

Instead, our rising energy prices had everything to do with Biden’s “green” energy policies that waylaid America’s abundant supplies of domestic fossil fuel energy.

Biden did that when he put a moratorium on offshore leasing and drilling on federal lands. He exacerbated it by killing ANWR drilling and the Keystone pipeline. And he’s going to continue to do it with this latest climate and tax bill that puts the thumbscrews to fossil fuel use and pursues a reckless policy of rapid expansion of unreliable wind and solar power.

America needs to be informed on how disastrous Biden’s policies have been. That’s why CFACT is pursuing this billboard campaign in numerous states to expose the truth about Biden’s energy blame game. We’ve already got them in Oklahoma and Arizona.

The campaign will be broadened over the next few months, especially in crucial swing states like Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Iowa.

CFACT has used billboards to great effect in the past to educate the public and expose the Left’s agenda. CFACT billboards are catchy, humorous, and impactful. Now we’re ramping up to do it again at this crucial time when our country is reeling from high inflation and an economic downturn.

If you are interested in donating to help CFACT reach as many areas in the country as possible, you can do so here.

Stay tuned for more updates on this ambitious billboard campaign!

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