Global warming causes fewer tropical cyclones

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This is the headline in Scientific American

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How many years ( hint 2 decades) have I been trying to awaken the meteorological community up to the fact that the distortion of the warming may have this effect on the total global production.   If we are talking global, the Atlantic ramp up and shift north in the genesis region with in close development and fish storms in the middle of nowhere, can not compete with the west pac downturn we see.    But I am not going to rehash this for the gazillionth time except to say that little subline has a caveat

They can be more intense but they are likely to be more compact.  Again How can you put Ida in the same category as Betsy?  Or Harvey vs Carla.  Or Charley vs Donna,   You had these fast-to-develop smaller storms. ( aall in certain phases of the MJO which is a huge hint as to when they can occur) but their width of influence was much less.  SO  you can’t,  Which is why MY  POWER AND IMPACT SCALE, in some form, but  having no link to a skeptic on co2 ATTRIBUTION,  will come to the forefront  when academia and government find a way to do it ( Its not brain surgery)

But again the person pushing that for 20 years and in a loud ( and yes sometimes obnoxious) manner. did not get asked about it, Because I would have made dang sure that while rapid in close ramp-ups are more likely, we see the counterweight to that also.

In the end, its a test of my faith, Am I playing to the crowd or in the arena of my heavenly father,? Obviously, when I mouth off like this, I am ticked that they ignore someone that has been raked over the coals and called every name in the book because I question some things, and then come up with essentially what I have been saying, and are not even asked.   Its like the Texas freeze. Wait till you see the hair-brained solution coming out Aug 15 on that ( another story for another time) Put it this way it has changed my mind about moving to Texas cause I am not going to sit in blackouts in 100-degree heat)  But do they ask the guy that was putting maps of 1899 on a week before?   So yah confession is good for the soul and yes I am playing to the crowd with a blog like this,  But it is the truth

And truth does still have room in the Arena of my heavenly father.

  • Joe Bastardi is a pioneer in extreme weather and long-range forecasting. He is the author of “The Climate Chronicles: Inconvenient Revelations You Won’t Hear From Al Gore — and Others” which you can purchase at the CFACT bookstore. His new book The Weaponization of Weather in the Phony Climate war can be found here.

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