Who’ll stop the rain?

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I stated in a previous blog that three books were dovetailing into the real reason behind what we are seeing, perfectly depicted in Mark Levins Excellent Book ( redundant term when it comes to Mark).” American Marxism.

Alex Epstein’s first Offering as an author, the “Moral Case for Fossil Fuels” basically renders the entire agenda a moot point if the actual goal is the elevation of the nation and the human condition as a whole. There is a moral case for fossil fuels and the answer to any problem real or otherwise with climate, is adaptation, Dr Michael Shellenberger’s Apocalypse Never, Why Climate Alarmism Hurts us All is also an eye-opener, My book, the Weaponization of Weather in the Phony Climate War explained why the weather is no worse now than it was before and how the adaptation by mankind, argued so brilliantly in Epstein’s book is the solution to what the Amerian Marxists have conjured up, But it all points right to Levins Book.

Most books that counter the Catastrophic AGW argument are excellent, and science and reason based. Unfortunately, Science and Reason are not what this argument is all about.

Don’t believe me? Consider Mao’s Great Leap Forward or Stalin’s 5-year plans. Both sold as helping society at the moment. All completely destroyed the working class’s livelihood. The misery caused by these is beyond the 15 million deaths with Stalin and 50 million with Mao, The living unless in the elite ruling class, were submitted to a life mimicking the social order of ants or bees. But there is a big difference. The American Marxists, realizing that this nation is the most prosperous in the world, knew they had to create one problem after another to fuel the kind of unrest that would lead people only listening to one side of the issue, to conclude that our nation is guilty of the sins Obama has outlined in his books. The penalty for what we have done to the world is the redistribution of our wealth. The chopping down of American exceptionalism and individualism into a morass of misery. Instead of constructively teaching the system to others that got us here, they first used the education system to ferment a generation of nonquestioning, willing to go along to get along, victims, and then successfully blamed those resisting for the predictable problems that arose from lack of encouragement of individual thought. The destruction of the nuclear family goes hand in hand with this. Look no further than the incarceration rates of males in the 1950s vs today, and the lack of a stable family in the vast majority of those committing crimes. Cause confusion and chaos about anything you can, all the way now to labeling mothers as birthing people, then they express outrage when common sense used to counter it. So its create the problem, then blame another reason, or label it as some form of hate. That enough of the country has bought into it feeds back into the very issues that cause it! In the Phony Climate war, they have found their ultimate tool.

The brainwashing has resulted in millions of Americans that fear tomorrow. Obama’s Hope and change are actually the destructions of Hope and a change to a society of fear and victim mentality, The country is ripe for the taking, The policies are obvious and mimic the ones mentioned above

Top-down shifts in economies led to tremendous hardship and enslavement of their own people. We are marching straight into the communist Economic policies of the USSR and China and using a phony climate war to do so, Somehow as all Marxist do, they believe they will do it right, that the previous attempts were because Stalin, Mao, etc did not do it right. And so this is American Marxism. It is using the weather and climate to foster fear, which is much easier to do now than it used to be because of the system of victimhood and everyone gets a trophy that has been pushed. It is a system based on envy of others and then blaming others for your problems. Does your house get flooded? Never mind the natural wetlands have been covered with concrete and you live in a flood plain, its climate change. Miami Beach is flooding more? Never mind it is built not only on a sand bar. ( what do you think is going to happen) but a man-made one on that, There are countless examples of problems caused by what is essentially thinking you can control nature, Never mind with 1/4 the number of people on the planet in 1930 than today, there were 28 times more climate/weather-related deaths. Such facts never get out there, All that gets out there is an agenda that is essentially American Marxism, based on actions in a phony climate war, supported by an entrenched meteorological misinformation media, designed to bring down the greatest experiment in freedom under God ever devised, and replace with tyranny under men.

And like the weather where no one wants to bring up HOW BAD IT WAS AND CAN BE. no one wants to look at the parallels to Stalin and Mao. So the question is, with Stalin’s 15 million deaths and Mao’s 50 million ( that we know about). what will be the toll historians look at with the Green New Deal. Keep in mind America abdicating its leadership role in the world will have adverse effects globally in the eyes of any true American, but to one that wants to bring the nation down, it will be simply looked at as a kind of collateral damage needed that Stalin and Mao inflicted. It is not a round people p and march them away more so as the destruction of a will to excel in life, which in turn shortens life

Maybe I am wrong, maybe it is all a big unintentional mistake, Maybe no one will suffer adversity that diminishes or ends their life early. But while I won’t make a prediction on that, I will say the Green New Deal is American Marxism designed to take down the foundations of our land, one nation, UNDER God, not ruled by men that believe they are Gods. It will be the death of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

So I end with this quote from John Fogarty’s Who’ll Stop the Rain?

“5-year plans and New Deals, wrapped in Golden Chains, and I wonder, still, I wonder, Who’ll Stop the rain?”

Funny. An old rocker like that recognized what the heck was going on back then. So here is the question I’ll leave you with: Who’ll Stop the Rain?

  • Joe Bastardi is a pioneer in extreme weather and long-range forecasting. He is the author of “The Climate Chronicles: Inconvenient Revelations You Won’t Hear From Al Gore — and Others” which you can purchase at the CFACT bookstore. His new book The Weaponization of Weather in the Phony Climate war can be found here. phonyclimatewar.com

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